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Rebecca Hopkins (Rebecca Hawkins in the dub) is a young duelist and the American Duel Monsters champion. She first appears between the Duelist Kingdom arc and the Battle City arcs, demanding to duel Yuugi Mutou because he is wrongfully "in possession" of her grandfather's Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. Rebecca did not hear or understand her grandfather's explanation that he gave the card to Sugoroku Mutou, or that later, [{Seto Kaiba]] ripped the card up in order to prevent anyone else from having a deck with the dragons in it.

Yuugi intentionally lost a duel to her, but rewarded her with the Ties of Friendship card.

Rebecca later reappeared in the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters-only arc called the KC Grand Prix (Grand Championship in the dub), where she dueled against Leon Von Schroeder, who was in the tournament under the alias Leon Wilson. Rebecca lost the duel, but she learned a great deal about deck themes and not underestimating a deck's power by its appearances.