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Yuugi Mutou, the protagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series

Meet Yuugi Mutou (Yugi Moto), a young high-schooler hailing from Domino, Japan. Yuugi was just your ordinary, average student (even with his unusual hairstyle) until one day, he managed to solve an ancient puzzle whose solution had been eluding him for eight years. That puzzle was the Millennium Puzzle, and it was no ordinary puzzle-- when put together, it formed an upside-down pyramid with an eye in the center. The assembly of this puzzle meant Yuugi was no longer himself, but another soul resided within him. That soul would take control of Yuugi whenever he was emotionally upset or lost consciousness... and that soul called himself "Yu-Gi-Oh," the King of Games.

Later, as Yuugi became aware of this other presence within him, the soul was given a name-- Yami no Yuugi, or Dark Yuugi. Dark Yuugi had no knowledge of his past, why his soul was trapped in the Millennium Puzzle, or who he really was. So together, Yuugi and his "other half" set out to discover the secrets of the Millennium Items-- and testing to see whether Dark Yuugi truly was the King of Games.

Yuugi was never alone in his adventures; he always had his best friend, Anzu Mazaki (Téa Gardner), and later on, Katsuya Jounouchi (Joey Wheeler) and Hiroto Honda (Tristan Taylor). On the flip side, he made several enemies, whether as himself or as "The King of Games." One of those enemies was a classmate of Yuugi's, the rich young CEO by the name of Seto Kaiba. When Seto Kaiba challenged Yuugi to a game of Magic and Wizards (Duel Monsters), the story truly began to unfold...

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