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Taken from Kokoro no Naka's Bakura Ryou page

Yami no Bakura / Yami Bakura / Dark Bakura
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Appears in manga:
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original manga)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Toei)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh!, second series anime)
Debut Yu-Gi-Oh! (original and English manga) Volume 6, Duel 50
Deck Occult
Signature Duel Monster Dark Necrofia
Age unknown
Height probably 176 cm (about 5'9")
Weight probably 52kg (about 114.4 lbs.)
Blood Type probably AB

Physical: Similar to Ryou Bakura, only with smaller eyes and wilder hair.

Personality: Very arrogant [shown by his use of "Ore-sama"] superior, greedy, often sadistic and sociopathic.

General: Yami Bakura is a bit of an enigmatic antagonist who shifts in goals and methods as the series progresses.

His initial appearance in the manga portrays him rather similar to early manga Yami Yuugi, only with a darker twist.

On his first day at Yuugi's school, Bakura tells Yuugi that at his former schools, all his friends fell into comas after playing his favorite game, Monster World. When Yami Bakura is able to speak to his host after Bakura touches the Millennium Puzzle, he tells him that he was merely paying his rent by fulfilling Bakura's wish that he could play games with his friends forever, implying no ill will, only a twisted misinterpretation of what Bakura truly wanted. Whether or not Yami Bakura was truly misinterpreting or if he was just saying this is unclear.

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Yami Bakura's first manga appearance, Volume 6, page 168.

Yami Bakura also tells his host in the same conversation that he is a thief intent on acquiring the seven Millennium Items, and that Bakura will forever be his (and the Millennium Ring's) host.

Yami Bakura's character appears to change slightly after his defeat in Monster World, and in Duelist Kingdom, he assures Bakura that he's not the same as he was before, and offers to help when the group appears trapped in the Maze Brother's arena. The only catch is that Bakura must again wear the Ring. Bakura agrees, and Yami Bakura is good to his word, providing a distraction that Yami Yuugi reflects helped his ruse not be caught, enabling them to best the Maze Brothers.

Later in Duelist Kingdom Yami Bakura helps rescue Honda from where he had been caught sneaking around in Pegasus's castle so that he and Bakura can rescue Mokuba

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Yami Bakura's entrance in the DDD arc. Manga volume 16, page 173

During the DDD arc, Yami Bakura again comes to Yuugi's rescue. Due to Bakura's uneasiness from Yuugi's disappearance, Yami Bakura returns to Otogi's father's store and finds the game in progress. He declares that Yuugi is the one who's been chosen by the Millenium Puzzle and Otogi has no chance. After assuring Yuugi that he's Yuugi's ally, he gives Yuugi the confidence he needs to win against Otogi by pointing out that there is a way he can win, and stands by Yuugi to taunt and mock Otogi until the end of the game. However, despite this aid, Yami Bakura takes advantage of the situation for his own gain. When retrieving the shattered Puzzle from Otogi, Yami Bakura uses the power of the Ring to seal part of his soul into a fragment of the Puzzle.

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Yami Bakura protecting his host from Osiris's blast. Manga 24, page 67

Yami Bakura is also not above using his host to gain an advantage. He offers use of his host to Malik to break apart Yuugi's group for Malik's plans, inflicting a serious wound on Bakura's arm to get Malik in the group's good graces. However, dueling his duel agaist Yami Yuugi when Malik is using Bakura's pain to try and force Yami Yuugi to forfeit, Yami Bakura decides he doesn't like Malik's methods and takes control to take the blow for his host. As he's facing Osirus's blow, Yami Bakura's inner monologue states that one day he will obtain the power of Darkness, and for that sake, his host (Bakura) is the most important thing.

In the AE arc, it is revealed that Yami Bakura is connected with Thief King Bakura, a tomb robber who is the last remaining person from Kuru Eruna, the village of thieves that was slaughtered to create the Millennium Items. He desecrated the tomb of Mou Hitori no Yuugi's father, dragging the mummy into the court and declaring his hatred for the Pharaoh and his want for the Millennium items.

Playing Skill: Very high. He is shown dueling four times, and though he only wins once, he plays incredibly well. His first duel was against Mou Hitori no Yuugi and his loss was caused by his host as the Change of Heart card not taking over the card he directed with. If not for that interference, he would have won. His second duel is against Ghost Kotsuzuka, which he wins easily. The third duel is against Mou Hitori no Yuugi again where he comes very close to winning, but Mou Hitori no Yuugi summons the god Osiris to win. The final duel is against Yami Malik and again a god card, Ra, causes Yami Bakura's defeat when Yami Malik uses Ra's special ability 'One Turn Kill'