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Zorc Necrophades (大邪神 ゾーク・ネクロファデス, Daijashin Zōku Nekurofadesu) is a demon who created the Shadow Realm. He serves as the main villain in the Dawn of the Duel/Memory World arc.

Character design

Zorc has a large dragon/snake appendage between his legs. The dub changes this appendage to protrude from his chest instead of between his legs, due to its likeness to the phallus.

Character biography

Zorc Necrophades was born when the Millennium Items were originally created (in the English anime, he is the creator of the Shadow Realm, and therefore likely predates the items, though they were made using his power). He was summoned by Akhenaden who brought all 7 Millennium Items together in an underground crypt in Kul Elna village. 3,000 years ago (5,000 years ago in the Dub).

Zorc attempted to destroy the world, but was stopped by Pharaoh Atem. Atem sacrificed his life by sealing both himself and Zorc within the Millennium Puzzle, but not before Zorc managed to seal a small portion of his soul within the Millennium Ring. Zorc later resurfaces when he possesses Ryou Bakura, though he has no memory of who he really is, except that he wants to gain all seven Millennium Items in order to gain a great power. The second time Atem faced off with Zorc, he was able to kill Zorc by fusing the Egyptian Gods to form The Creator God of Light, Horakhty. Before facing Atem, Zorc had already defeated a weakened Exodia, the individual Egyptian God monsters, and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. In the anime, he also fought the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, which appeared to be as strong as him, but during the fight Atem fused himself with Blue-Eyes and created Dragon Master Knight, which Zorc was still able to beat, though not without being injured. All of the above made him seem unstoppable until he was killed by Horakhty, who obliterated him in an instant.