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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (also known as Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters: Pyramid of Light in Japan) was released in theatres in August of 2004. The Exclusive Pack of eight cards featuring spells, traps, and monsters used in the movie was originally available to attendees of the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships in Anaheim, CA on July 23, 2004. Movie-goers could also get four additional cards, one with each ticket purchased. Those cards are: the Pyramid of Light, Watapon, Sorcerer of Dark Magic and the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon.

One of the promotional posters for the Yu-Gi-Oh movie, released in theatres in the U.S. in August 2004.

The movie, which was created specifically for English-speaking audiences, features a brand new story and timeline. It was released just before the Battle City arc finished airing on Kids WB networks in the United States, and as such, the timeline takes place shortly after Battle City, prior to the Orichalchos saga, KC Grand Prix, and the Memory World arc.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The movie timeline claims that Yuugi has been dueling for three years (since Duelist Kingdom) and has gained quite a following of duelists after his God Cards. Seto Kaiba, of course, is still obsessed with beating Yuugi, and so simulates a rematch of his final duel with him on Alcatraz (Kaiba Corp. Island). However, the simulation!Yuugi manages to fuse his God Cards as one and use a new attack called Titan Firestorm. The attack would have destroyed Kaiba's Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, but the simulation overloaded before the results of the attack could be seen.

Kaiba later decides to pay Pegasus a visit at Duelist Kingdom, and beats him in a duel. Little does Pegasus know that someone has snuck a card into Pegasus' rare stash, which includes the Pyramid of Light and the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon. Pegasus only created the dragon, not the Pyramid, which was put into Pegasus' briefcase by a mysterious entity.

At the same time this is going on, a new exhibit opens up at the nearby Domino Museum, supposedly featuring the Egyptian Lord of the Dead, Anubis. Anubis is thought to have been the holder of the Pyramid of Light, an actual artifact that resembles Yuugi's Millennium Puzzle, except that it is made out of blue "glass" and hangs right-side up (like a real pyramid, and not an inverted one).

Yuugi and the others agree to visit the museum, but Yuugi is mobbed by duelists wanting his God Cards the moment he gets out of school. Jounouchi and Honda fend them off in a series of duels. Anzu helps Yuugi escape, and the two of them make it to the museum, only to also see Sugoroku Mutou, Yuugi's grandfather, already there. Sugoroku reads the hieroglyphs on "Anubis'" casket, revealing a prophecy of sorts that refers to a 'Dagger of Fate.' Yuugi suddenly has a vision of Kaiba being held captive by a jackal-headed figure, and when he regains consciousness, both Anubis' mummy and the Pyramid of Light are missing. He runs off to find Kaiba without explaining very much to Anzu or his grandfather.

Yuugi heads to his house to get his deck and Duel Disk II, and meets Mokuba there. Mokuba says his brother has been acting strangely (ever since he got back from Duelist Kingdom) and wants to challenge Yuugi to a duel at the Kaiba Corp. Duel Dome, on the outskirts of the city.

Meanwhile, Jounouchi and Honda realize they are too late to meet Anzu and Yuugi at the museum, and they decide to head to Yuugi's house. They see Yuugi already there, getting into a limousine that they recognize as one of Kaiba's. They follow the car to the Duel Dome, and Anzu and Sugoroku arrive shortly thereafter.

Dark Yuugi and Kaiba's duel immediately begins, but when Kaiba uses the Pyramid of Light to remove Yuugi's God Cards from play, the duel takes a strange turn. Yuugi's "spirit" seems to vanish into the Millennium Puzzle, and Dark Yuugi is no longer able to communicate with him. Dark Yuugi tries to talk to Kaiba, but his rival refuses to listen.

When Jounouchi and Honda look in on the duel, they see the Pyramid of Light, complete with an Eye of Horus in the center, with a red iris. The red iris "sucks their souls" in, and they find themselves stuck in the same labyrinth that Dark Yuugi calls his "soul room."

Yuugi looks around for Dark Yuugi (the Pharaoh, whom Yuugi calls 'mou hitori no boku' or 'the other me' in the Japanese), but he gets hopelessly lost. When he thinks he sees the Pharaoh in a mysterious room with a jackal-headed sarcophagus, a hoard of mummies in nearby caskets awaken and chase Yuugi out of the room. Jounouchi and Honda spot Yuugi coming toward them, but he doesn't stop and say hello; the boys are baffled until they spot the mummies.

Meanwhile, as Dark Yuugi and Kaiba's duel progresses (with Kaiba attacking Yuugi every turn and whittling away his Life Points, weakening Dark Yuugi with each attack), the Duel Dome falls apart for every turn the Pyramid of Light remains active. Pegasus appears at the last minute to help Anzu, Mokuba, and Sugoroku escape, however, Anzu sees her friends reflected in the red iris of the Pyramid of Light and nearly falls out of the helicopter trying to get to them. The guys in the helicopter save her body, but her "soul" joins her friends down in the Pyramid/the labyrinth. Anubis "cuts her off" and she is stuck there, the same as the boys.

Kaiba wants to destroy the Pyramid of Light with the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon's special effect, but a voice in his head goes against it. Kaiba wants to bring the God Cards back in his control, to get a "perfect victory" against Yuugi, but Anubis (the voice controlling Kaiba) prevents the attack from going through. Anubis emerges from Kaiba's shadow, tosses Kaiba to the side of the dueling arena, and duels in Kaiba's place.

Dark Yuugi is in a bind as Anubis summons cards of his own volition (using magic), and all Dark Yuugi has in his hand are two magic/spell cards...

Meanwhile, Yuugi figures out the prophecy that he heard from his grandfather, and how it relates to Anubis and the Pyramid of Light. He finds the Dagger of Fate in Anubis' casket and uses it to destroy the red iris on the Pyramid of Light depicted in the stone tablet above the sarcophagus. It weakens the real Pyramid of Light that Anubis is wearing outside in the duel arena, allowing Dark Yuugi to use a combination of cards to bring the God Cards back onto the field and destroy Anubis and the real Pyramid of Light-- except the red iris from the Eye of Horus.

Yuugi is allowed to reunite with Dark Yuugi, while Jounouchi, Honda, Kaiba, and Anzu all awaken, just in time to see Anubis emerge once more, this time from a black goo emanated by the red iris. Anubis says that "this time, the monsters are real" and attacks everyone, but just as Anubis' monsters are real, so are Yuugi's, Kaiba's, and Jounouchi's. Together, they destroy Anubis' monsters. As the Duel Dome begins to crumble, Pegasus urges everyone (Jounouchi, Anzu, Honda, Sugoroku, and Mokuba) to escape, while Yuugi and Kaiba, still on the ground floor, have to find another escape route.

Anubis turns into a massive black jackal himself, with the red iris in the center of his chest. Yuugi and Dark Yuugi attack simultaneously (Dark Yuugi is in spirit form) with the card that Kaiba gives them-- the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon. It destroys Anubis completely, decimating even his skeleton into dust.

Everyone escapes (though Kaiba is grumpy about having been helped), and the movie comes to a close.

Spoilers end here.