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Viz's redesigned (for 2005) logo. Viz altered their logo after they merged with ShopPro.

Viz Media LLC is the owner of a variety of popular and lengthy anime and manga titles released in English, including Yu-Gi-Oh. They adapted the Weekly Shounen Jump to a monthly format (Shonen Jump) for audiences in the United States, and currently release a variety of shonen manga in the magazine, along with graphic novel versions of the same stories, and several other titles that they do not serialize in magazines.

While Viz has been in the anime and manga translation and English-distribution business for many years, it is subject to argument whether or not they have improved in recent years. Viz has especially been known for a wide variety of translation errors in their Shonen Jump magazine and graphic novel versions of Yu-Gi-Oh, and they are not known to correct their errors or respond to messages.

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