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Shizuka Kawai / Serenity Wheeler
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Shizuka, as she appears without her eye bandages, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime
Birthday November 1, 1982
Deck Female/Angel
Signature Duel Monster Goddess with the Third Eye (Shizuka only dueled once, when Noa Kaiba transported her and the others to his virtual world in the anime-only arc midway through Battle City, and this monster was her deckmaster)
Sign Gemini
Height Unknown (close to Anzu's, which is about 165 cm, or 5'5")
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Red/Brown (Lavender in the Toei animation)
Eye Color Hazel (Blue in the Toei animation)
Favorite food unknown
Least Favorite food unknown
Relations Katsuya Jounouchi (brother), Mrs. Kawai/Jounouchi (mother)
Seiyū Toei: Michiko Neya
Duel Monster: Mika Sakenobe
Voice acting Lisa Ortiz

Shizuka Kawai (Serenity Wheeler in the dub) is Katsuya Jounouchi's younger sister. Though there is much debate in fandom about her name, the Yu-Gi-Oh Gospel of Truth character guide refers to her as Shizuka Kawai, and not by her brother's family name, Jounouchi. When Jounouchi's mother and father divorced, it is assumed that the mother took her maiden name, and had Shizuka change it as well. Katsuya, who continued to live with his father, kept his father's family name.

The exact age difference between Shizuka and Jounouchi is not known (in fact, Shizuka is considered such a minor character that any vital statistics on her remain unknown), but it is assumed to be only a few years, since they were both very close as children, and Shizuka is said to be in junior high, which would put her at most 3-4 years behind Jounouchi. A degenerative disease of the eye left Shizuka nearly blinded at a very young age, with little hope of ever seeing again without a very expensive operation.

Jounouchi paid for the operation using his winnings from Duelist Kingdom, and Shizuka successfully came out of the operation with her vision restored. However, no one knew whether or not the operation was a success until about a quarter of the way through Battle City, when Honda brought Shizuka to the site of Possessed Jounouchi's duel with Yuugi. In the anime, when Jounouchi sacrificed his life to save Yuugi's, Shizuka tore off the bandages keeping her blindfolded and dove into the water to save her brother from drowning. In the manga, Shizuka arrived after Kaiba rescued her brother and took off her bandages then.

Shizuka stayed with her brother throughout Battle City, and became close friends with both Anzu Mazaki and Mai Kujaku. After Battle City, very little was seen of Shizuka, though it is known that Jounouchi maintained a close contact with her.

Both Hiroto Honda and Ryuuji Otogi have crushes on Shizuka, and both try to win her over in their own ways.

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