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Ryuuji Otogi / Duke Devlin
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Ryuuji Otogi, as he appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters anime
Birthday February 28th, 1980
Deck Otogi only duels twice [first vs Jounouchi in the DDM arc, and then in the Noa arc against a member of the Big 5] in the entire series, but in Dungeon Dice Monsters, he uses a variety of monsters that are similar to existing Duel Monsters cards, but aren't exactly the same, due to the special effects and gameplay required in DDM.
Signature Duel Monster Swift Ninja or Orgoth the Destroyer
Sign Pisces
Age 14 years old on first appearance
Height 179 cm (approximately 5'10")
Weight 64 kg (approximately 141 pounds)
Blood Type B
Hair Color black
Eye Color green
Favorite food Chinese Food
Least Favorite food Pickled foods
Status at debut Senior High School, 2nd year (11th grade)
Seiyū Ryo Naito
Voice acting Marc Thompson

Ryuuji Otogi (Duke Devlin in the dub) is one of Yuugi's former rivals, and now one of his classmates and friends at Domino High School. He is also the creator of the Duel Monsters spin-off game Dungeon Dice Monsters (nicknamed "DDD" for short in the Japanese, for Dragons, Dice, Dungeons).


Twenty years prior, Otogi's father hoped to become a master of games, and asked Sugoroku Mutou, Yuugi's grandfather, to take him as an apprentice. It seems that by this time Sugoroku Mutou had already been to Egypt and obtained the Millennium Puzzle, though if he had attempted to assemble it and had failed, his apprentice did not know (as he believed that the only one capable of beating the master was the one who could solve the puzzle, meaning that since Sugoroku owned the puzzle, he could remain undefeated as the master of games). The apprentice dared to challenge Sugoroku Mutou to a game called the Devil's Board Game, similar to a Game of Darkness. The apprentice lost, and the results left him "a hideous shadow of his former self" [1]. Otogi came to play Yuugi not just for his father's revenge against Sugoroku Mutou, but also because he was fascinated by the legendary power of the Millennium Puzzle, and what it would mean for the one who "solved it." As Yuugi is the one who solved it, he places great respect in Yuugi's gaming abilities-- and he wants to test them without the Millennium Puzzle being around Yuugi's neck.

At first, Otogi does not announce that he's the creator of the Dungeon Dice Monsters game, and instead defeats Jounouchi using rigged games such as "Dice in a Cup" and "Four Aces." Yuugi, however, sees through the trick, but only after Jounouchi has lost several bets with Otogi. Yuugi defeats Otogi in a perfectly fair game, but Otogi is far from done.

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Otogi's father offers balloons to the children as part of their shop's grand opening celebration

Otogi's father encouraged Otogi to take his invention, Dungeon Dice Monsters, public in order to crush the Mutou's small time game store, the Turtle Game Store. They opened up a nearby game store called Black Crown to help accomplish this. When the store opens, Yuugi is caught in a huge crowd. In that crowd, he is recognized by Otogi's father, who is dressed as a clown. The clown sneaks several packs of Dungeon Dice Monsters packs into Yuugi's pocket (while a security guard watches), and lets him cut in the purchase line. However, before Yuugi can reach the head of the line, the security guard removes Yuugi to an office, accusing Yuugi of trying to steal the packets.

The clown returns and when Yuugi protests the accusation, has Yuugi thrown into a dark room, which turns out to be where Otogi has set up his Dungeon Dice Monsters dueling table. He and Yuugi duel for ownership of the Millennium Puzzle, which Otogi hopes to make his after hearing about the legend from his father. Midway through the battle, Otogi's father enters the game room and breaks apart the Millennium Puzzle as a sign of his hatred for Sugoroku Mutou, but Otogi takes the Puzzle back and continues his game with Yuugi, still maintaining that the winner will be the true owner of the Puzzle.

After the puzzle is broken, the Spirit of the Millennium Ring, Dark Bakura, enters Black Crown and tells Yuugi that he may have the odds stacked against him, but he will win, and should Otogi try to solve the Millennium Puzzle, he will "die horribly [2]." Otogi makes the attempt nonetheless, right as Yuugi is about to lose their Dungeon Dice Monsters game, but manages to summon a monster in a small area of his field. Otogi realizes the Puzzle is more difficult to solve than he gave it credit for, and Yuugi realizes the monster he has summoned has an ATK value of 0. Unlike the anime series of episodes of this same arc (see below), Yuugi does not have access to a computer that reveals the rules of the game nor any given monster's special abilities. All that he knows about the monsters is from what Otogi chooses to tell him, and from his own educated guesses.

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Otogi's father advances upon a helpless Yuugi

Yuugi eventually does win, and is about to get the puzzle back, but Dark Bakura gets it from Otogi's side of the table for him. In that moment, he imbues a piece of the puzzle with his own spirit. However, before Yuugi can completely solve the puzzle, Otogi's father angrily disowns him and wraps the chain around Yuugi's neck. He intends to strangle him and force him into a secret room where he wants to force Yuugi to play the same Devil's Board Game that Sugoroku defeated him at twenty years previous. However, as he begins to solve the Puzzle, he gets drawn into a hallucination that he is trapped within a labyrinth, and he tosses the Millennium Puzzle away, knocking over a candle that had been lit on the gaming table. The flame starts a fire, but the door gets stuck and they can't get out. Meanwhile, the Millennium Puzzle is trapped to the table, so Yuugi desperately tries to solve it even as the fire rages. Though Yuugi is concerned for the Puzzle, he also helps Otogi's father when he catches fire, something that startles the clown.

Thanks to interference from outside sources (Hiroto Honda and Katsuya Jounouchi, to be specific), Otogi's father escapes the blaze, but Yuugi refuses to leave without the puzzle. Jounouchi won't leave without Yuugi, so he tries to stay as long as he can while Yuugi solves the Puzzle. Yuugi solves the Puzzle just before he falls unconscious, perhaps due to exhaustion, the heat, or smoke inhalation. Jounouchi tries to get Yuugi to release the Puzzle's chain from his hands, but even while unconscious, Yuugi won't let it go. Jounouchi then uses one of the Devil's Board Game hands as a lever and manages to free the Puzzle's chain, and he and Yuugi escape the blaze.


In the anime, Otogi believed that Yuugi had cheated in his duel against Pegasus, and sought to prove that Yuugi was a cheater, and therefore not a true champion.

Otogi challenged Jounouchi to a game of Dungeon Dice Monsters, which Jounouchi lost, so he had to walk around in a dog suit. Dark Yuugi then challenged Otogi to the same terms, where he would "admit" to cheating (rather, if Otogi could actually beat him, it would somehow PROVE that he was a cheater in his duel against Pegasus) if he lost. If he won, he would prove to Otogi that he wasn't a cheater, and would let Jounouchi out of the dog suit. Dark Yuugi beat Otogi at his own game, proving that he wasn't a cheater and didn't deserve to be treated as one just because Otogi idolized Pegasus. Otogi later gained a contract with Industrial Illusions to market his Dungeon Dice game, and several Duel Monsters cards were created to supplement the Dungeon Dice format.

Otogi later becomes Hiroto Honda's rival in the chase for Jounouchi's younger sister, Shizuka Kawai's affections. While Honda tends to be more subtle when it comes to pursuing girls, Otogi knows he is attractive, and has always surrounded himself with a literal squadron of girls who act as his own cheerleaders. He is often considered "the playboy" of the group, but he also takes duels and friends very seriously.

Virtual World Saga

During their stay in Noa's virtual world, Otogi travels with Honda and Shizuka. When they are faced with Nesbitt of the Big 5, who challenges Shizuka to a duel, Otogi and Honda both insist he duel them instead. Nesbitt concedes to a 3 vs. 1 duel. In this duel, Honda sacrifices himself to save Shizuka, and thus loses his body to the Big 5. Otogi and Shizuka win the duel in the end.

For this duel, Otogi chose Strike Ninja (aka Swift Black Ninja) as his deckmaster. Its deckmaster ability allowed him to discard two cards to activate one set Spell or Trap card on the field as if he were the controller. It was also only the second duel Otogi was seen to participate in.

Orichalchos Saga

Otogi also appeared in the Orichalchos Saga, mostly traveling with Rebecca Hawkins. When he first appeared, Weevil and Rex trick him into thinking they're friends of Yuugi'sand taking them to Industrial Illusion. There he tries hacking into the mainframe to open the gate for Yuugi and co. Afterwards, he drives them around in his car, since the Kaiba brothers have taken off with the Blue Eyes jet. A few episodes later, he says goodbye to the rest and travels on with Rebecca and Professor Hawkins.

In the episode Deck of Armor the two challenge Varon of the Three Swordsmen of Doma to win information about Yuugi's soul (He was taken by the Orichalchos beforehand). For dramatic effect only a few scenes of the duel are actually shown. Varon defeats them without using the Seal of Orichalchos (he doesn't think they're worth it), so their souls aren't sealed. They later meet up with the gang once more so that Professor Hawkins can analyze images of the ruins of Atlantis.


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