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What are Protected Pages?

Protected pages are those pages here on WikiFic that cannot be edited by anyone who is not a SysOp (that is, me, Azurite). These pages are protected because there should be NO reason to edit them. Their content is still viewable by clicking on the View Source tab, and any relevant information about the contents of the page can be found on the page itself, or on the Discussion/Talk pages.

Some examples of protected pages include Templates, the Main Page, Redirect Pages, and the Pairing's List.

Why are they protected?

The templates pages are protected so that the template is not altered. Templates are used on hundreds of pages throughout the Wiki, and a single edit to the template could affect those hundreds of pages, causing them to look very messy and become useless. To avoid that, I've locked the templates. You can still make suggestions for additional template categories, and you can always copy and paste the template code to create a new template for something else (such as for Threesomes, or other 'shipping groups), and the template format for use on specific pages (like pairing pages).

The Main Page is protected because it is the first thing people see when they come to WikiFic, and I want to ensure that we consistently leave a good impression by featuring a simple, easy-to-navigate, unbiased main page. The day may come when we will have Featured Articles, similar to Wikipedia, but figuring out that feature is quite difficult, and it may be a long time coming. Even if we do get that feature up, the Main Page will still be locked to Moderators and/or SysOps only.

Redirect Pages are protected so that people don't accidentally create webpages that contain information that is already located elsewhere on the Wiki. Someone could search for "Bakura" and be looking for information on the Thief King, Ryou Bakura, or the Spirit of the Millennium Ring, but as all three are connected to one another, there is no need for 4+ separate pages. The same applies to dub vs. Japanese names, fanon information, etc.

The Pairing's List is locked because previous sessions when the list was open to editing caused some confusion. WikiFic only uses the OFFICIAL pairing names, from The Shipper's Club LiveJournal Community, not fan-created names. There are many pairing names that had "official" names, but other names also caught on, and there is confusion about which one is "right." Rather than argue the validity of one name or the other, the only names we will use are the ones on that community, and affiliated bulletin board/forum systems.

Requesting pages to be protected

If you think a particular page is subject to far too many random edits, you may ask that the page be protected. At this time, it is currently impossible to mass-protect a bunch of pages (a Namespace), but we can correct a series of pages if it is found to be absolutely necessary. Make your requests by going to the Discussion portion of this article.