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Possessed Anzu Mazaki as she appears in the Duel Monsters anime

Possessed Anzu Mazaki (also called Brainwashed Anzu) is a facet of Anzu Mazaki that appears a few times during the Duel Monsters series; first when Malik Ishtar used the Millennium Rod to take control of her mind, and force her to set up and explain the "Death Duel" between Yuugi and Possessed Katsuya Jounouchi. However after doing so she trapped herself, unknowingly putting her own life at risk. Unlike Jonouchi, Malik willingly relinquished control over Anzu. In the anime it is Seto Kaiba who freed her, saying he owed her for helping Mokuba earlier in an anime-only incident. In the manga, Mokuba later frees her, getting her to safety.