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OCG refers to the "Official Card Game," called Yu-Gi-Oh! The game is inspired by the manga's Magic and Wizards and by the anime's Duel Monsters game, as created by Pegasus J. Crawford of Industrial Illusions. Whenever the term OCG is used, it refers to a specific Japanese-released card, even if that card may have a counterpart in the American-standard release of the game (known as the TCG, or Trading Card Game, and occasionally the CCG, for Collectible Card Game). The OCG uses a variety of different card names and effects, though most cards retain the same name and effect. Sometimes, artwork is changed from the OCG to the TCG as well, especially any artwork that is considered too "showy" or otherwise inappropriate. Finally, the OCG booster packs and structure decks all go by different names than the releases made by Konami and Upperdeck Entertainment. The game that Yuugi Mutou and his friends play is never referred to as an OCG, TCG, or CCG in the series; it is always Magic and Wizards or Duel Monsters.