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The Millennium Items are a collection of seven (no more, no less) items forged during Ancient Egyptian times. They are objects of great power, and it is said that when they are brought together, something incredible will happen.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Millennium Item Misconceptions

  • The Millennium Key is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Millennium Ankh, due to its resemblance to the Egyptian symbol for life.
  • In the McDonald's Yu-Gi-Oh Promotional CDs, the Millennium Ring was incorrectly called the Millennium Bracelet, while the Millennium Necklace was called the Millennium Ring.
  • In the translated Viz manga and in several other places, the Millennium Necklace is mistakenly called the Millennium 'Tauk'. The name most likely comes from the original manga's incorrect katakana use for the piece of jewelry commonly called a 'torque.' The actual Japanese katakana for a torque is トルク (toruku), not タウク (tauku), as was used in the manga. These characters were set beside the Chinese kanji characters (首飾り) for 'necklace,' which in Japanese, is traditionally pronounced "kubikazari," but is more commonly called "nekurasu" (ネクラス). Thus, the simplest name for the Millennium Item in question is Millennium Necklace, since both the English and Japanese names (in both the anime and the manga) support this; a more specific, correct name would be Millennium Torque, which narrows down just what KIND of necklace the Millennium Item is.
  • Anubis' Pyramid of Light is often thought to be an "Eighth Millennium Item" or a "Millennium Pyramid," but there is no canonical evidence to support this theory. The movie universe from which Anubis and his item hail has no bearing on the original manga universe. However, in the Japanese novelization of the movie, it is revealed that Akunadin originally created the Pyramid of Light as a faux Millennium Puzzle, but one that was supposedly perfect in nature and greater in power. He intended it to be a gift for his son Priest Seto, whom he wished to take over the role of Pharaoh after Pharaoh Atem disappeared. Somehow, Anubis got ahold of the item, but was defeated and trapped by Pharaoh Atem before he could use the item to its full power. Thousands of years later, Anubis returned, vengeful, and his item, though not a Millennium Item, displayed comparable powers to Yuugi's Millennium Puzzle. The Pyramid of Light, unlike the Puzzle, is not inverted (upside-down), and it is not made from pieces- it is made from a singular block of an unknown substance that resembles glass.
Millennium Item Holders
Millennium Item Present Day Holder(s) Ancient Egyptian Holder(s)
Millennium Puzzle Yuugi Mutou Akunamkanon, Pharaoh Atem, Priest Seto
Millennium Ring Ryou Bakura, Malik Ishtar, Yuugi Mutou Unknown priest, Priest Mahaado, Thief King Bakura, Mana
Millennium Scales Shaadii, Bobasa, Yuugi Mutou Priest Kalim's father?, Priest Kalim, Unknown priest
Millennium Key Shaadii, Bobasa, Yuugi Mutou Shimon Muran, Priest Shaada, Unknown priest
Millennium Eye Pegasus J. Crawford, Dark Bakura, Seto Kaiba (anime only), Yuugi Mutou Akunadin, Unknown priest
Millennium Rod Malik Ishtar, Yuugi Mutou Unknown priest, Priest Seto, Unknown priest
Millennium Torque Isis Ishtar, Yuugi Mutou Priestess Isis' mother?, Priestess Isis

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The Millennium Items were created approximately 15 years before the Pharaoh Atem's reign, when he was approximately 2-3 years old, and the future Priest Seto was anywhere from 4-6 years old. At the time, Egypt was at war with many neighboring countries, and stood a strong chance of being invaded and destroyed. To combat this threat, the Pharaoh Akunamkanon's closest adviser and brother, Akunadin used magic he discovered in a strange tome and forged the Millennium Items out of the flesh, blood, and souls of 99 villagers from the town of Kul Elna. Thief King Bakura, only a small boy who lived in Kul Elna at the time, witnessed this atrocity, and vowed revenge against the Pharaoh for killing his village. Little did he know that neither the Pharaoh nor his young son had any idea about the creation of the Items; however, the future Priest Mahaado soon discovered the secret, and when he told Akunamkanon, the Pharaoh fell ill with guilt and eventually passed away. Later, when Thief King Bakura revealed the ghastly truth to Pharaoh Atem, Priest Mahaado confirmed it.

In the Memory World arc, Yuugi Mutou and his friends helped change the course of history and prevent Zork from destroying the world within the past. In that realm, while Pharaoh Atem did die and pass on the Millennium Items to his trusted members of his court, he particularly passed on the Millennium Puzzle to Priest Seto, his cousin, while Priestess Isis, the last living member of the second set of Chosen Priests, retained her ownership of the Millennium Torque. Priest Mahaado's apprentice, Mana, took over his ownership of the Millennium Ring, while new priests gained ownership of the Millennium Eye, Millennium Scales, Millennium Rod, and Millennium Key.

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