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Malik Ishtar
Birthday December 23, 1979
Signature Duel Monster Winged Dragon of Ra
Age 16
Height 180 cm (5'11)
Weight 55 kg (121.3 lbs)
Blood Type B
Hair Color light blond
Eye Color violet
Favorite food Koshary
Least Favorite food meat dish
Relations Isis Ishtar (sister), Rishid (adopted brother)
Seiyū Tetsuya Iwanaga (as an adult),
Akiko Kimura (as a child)
Voice acting Jonathan Todd Ross

Malik Ishtar is Yuugi Mutou's main nemesis or antagonist during the Battle City arc. He hails from a clan of Tombkeepers that were responsible for protecting the secret of the Nameless Pharaoh's power, which included the Millennium Items. The Items were divided up among different branches of the clan, and the Ishtars were in charge of protecting the Millennium Rod and the Millennium Torque (Necklace).

Malik had no desire to be fully initiated into the Tombkeeper clan, a ritual which would require him to have the markings on the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs inscribed into his back. His foster brother Rishid attempted to undergo the ritual for him, but the Ishtar family patriarch forbade it, since Rishid was not a true member of the Ishtar clan. Malik was forced to undergo the ritual, while Rishid performed the ritual on his own, marking half of his face with the ancient hieroglyphs.

While Malik was in recovery, his hatred for his father and being forced to be a Tombkeeper grew so much that he developed a secondary side to his personality, which later manifested as Dark Malik. Unlike the other "spirits" that appear in holders of the Millennium Items, Dark Malik is no such spirit, and did not exist in the ancient Egyptian past. He was created out of Malik's own hatred at being subjected to a ritual by force. Dark Malik then tapped into the latent powers of the Millennium Rod and killed his own father. The real Malik had no memory of this event occuring, and when he awoke from his "stupor" to find his father dead, he was not sure who to blame. However, the presence of Rishid kept his darker half supressed for many years to come.

Much later, Shaadii appeared before Malik, indicating that there was connection between the Ishtar patriarch's death and the Nameless Pharaoh whose secrets the family protected. Malik misinterpreted Shaadii's words and believed that the Pharaoh was directly responsible for his father's death, and stole the Millennium Rod and two of the God Cards, the The Sun of God Dragon Ra (the Winged Dragon of Ra) and the Saint Dragon - God of Osiris (Slifer the Sky Dragon). He then set out on a quest to not only obtain the rarest cards in all of Duel Monsters, but to use them to defeat the purportedly unbeatable King of Games himself, the very Pharaoh that the Tombkeepers were meant to protect.

In the dub, Malik's quest was not for vengeance, but for his own selfish desires: he wanted to become the 'king of the world' and to do so, he believed he had to defeat the one destined to become king: the Pharaoh the Tombkeepers were meant to protect.

The powers of the Millennium Rod enabled Malik to take control of a variety of people, from Anzu Mazaki to Katsuya Jounouchi. He also took over the minds of many of his minions or servants, known as the Ghouls, or the Rare Hunters. However, he never took over the mind of his most trusted servant and foster brother, Rishid.

During Battle City, Malik lost control to his dark side, once Rishid was incapacitated during his duel with Katsuya Jounouchi. In the final duel against Dark Yuugi, Malik was able to regain control and help the Pharaoh defeat his darker half, and banish him forever. From that point onward, Malik understood that the Pharaoh had nothing to do with his father's death, and he began to help the Pharaoh understand more about his past.

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