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Kul Elna (also spelled Kuru Eruna) was the hometown of Thief King Bakura. It is first mentioned in the manga in Volume 32, Duel 287 by Thief King Bakura.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Creation of the Millennium Items

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The stone tablet that formed the Millennium Items hidden in an underground temple of Kul Elna

The Millennium Items were thought of as magical items of justice by the priests wielding them, until Thief King Bakura appeared, who declared the Millennium Items dark, triggering Priest Akhenaden's memories. Despite the Thief King's claims that Pharaoh Akunamkanon created the Millennium Items, his brother, Akhenaden had done so without telling his Pharaoh the exact details of the Items' creation. To create the powerful, dark items he needed 99 human souls. His decision fell onto the small village of Kul Elna, which had exactly 100 inhabitants, all of whom were thieves and criminals. In a terrible slaughter, which the little Bakura watched, 99 humans were sacrificed and common metal turned into gold in a ritual of darkness. Priest Akhenaden took the Millennium Eye and wished for his son to become Pharaoh one day.

In retrospective, Priest Akhenaden is shown to feel guilty about what he had done 'for the good of the kingdom', as he realizes that Priest Seto is going to make the same mistake as he once did[1].

Thief King Bakura

After watching his village get slaughtered, Thief King Bakura swears to revenge the sacrificed souls. He believes that the slaughter was Pharaoh Akunamkanon's fault, and as such the blame was inherited by Pharaoh Atem, which explains his hatred of Dark Yuugi. His goal is to gather all seven Millennium Items to evoke the evil god Zorc Necrophades, who will then fulfill his lust for revenge.

During the Memory World arc, Thief King Bakura dissolves into sand after all Millennium Items are set into the stone tablet, as does Priest Kalim. Dark Bakura explains that all figures that are of no further use are taken out of the game. This happens in an underground temple beneath the ruins of Kul Elna.

Battle of Kul Elna

In the manga, Volume 36, Duel 313 Pharaoh Atem and his priests arrive at Kul Elna for the final battle against Thief King Bakura.

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