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Kisara, as she appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters animated series.

Kisara (キサラ Kisara) makes her first appearance during the Memory World arc. Unlike most Egyptians, she has light hair, pale skin, and blue eyes -- because of this, many Egyptians openly consider her bad luck, stoning her and refusing her water. Other Egyptians (mostly of the criminal variety), however, somehow sense what Kisara herself does not -- that she possesses a Ka of great strength and power. This creature is ultimately revealed to be the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

While the reasons remain mostly unexplained, Kisara appears to be unaware of her powerful White Dragon Ka because she has somehow fused it with her Ba, or mind. Because she is so closely bound with her Ka, Kisara falls unconscious whenever the White Dragon emerges, and is thus never made aware of its presence. Likewise, while other Ka-users can be injured when their Ka spirits or monsters are damaged in battle, Kisara would die immediately if anything grave were to happen to the White Dragon.

After the appearance of Thief King Bakura, Priest Seto dispatches a search force to uncover powerful Ka that can potentially protect Egypt against Bakura's threat. During his search, Seto stumbles upon Kisara, who has been stoned and left for dead. Shaada, able to see a person's Ka using his Millennium Key, sees the White Dragon and reports it to Seto, who orders his soldiers take Kisara back to the palace. While visiting her, Seto touches her face, which triggers a flashback sequence. As children, he had rescued her from being kidnapped by a group of raiders; in retaliation, the raiders had set fire to Seto's village, burning his home and killing his mother. As they were about to attack him, a white dragon suddenly appeared, annihilating the raiders and rescuing the young Seto. This dragon was in fact Kisara's Ka, which she had released unconsciously after sensing Seto's plight.

Seto's father, Akhenaden, eventually tries to test Kisara's power by forcing her to fight in a battle with two other spirits. Kisara, however, with no conscious awareness of her Ka, prepares herself to die. Although Seto ultimately interferes and saves her, both fall into danger, causing Kisara - out of fear for Seto - to finally release her dragon and save them both.

Since Kisara's Ba is connected to her Ka, extracting it would mean her certain death. However, Akhenaden -- possessed by Zorc Necrophades-- encourages Seto to kill Kisara in order to obtain the Blue Eyes White Dragon, claiming that the power of the white dragon could surpass the enemy and even the Pharaoh's three gods (unbeknownst to Seto, Akhenaden desires for him to become Pharaoh instead of Atem). By this point Seto has developed strong feelings for Kisara, and he refuses. Akhenaden subsequently kidnaps Seto in an attempt to coerce him; Kisara runs to save him, and manages to break Seto free from Akhenaden's control. In anger, Akhenaden fires a blast at Seto, which Kisara takes in his place. Akhenaden then seals her Ka into a stone tablet and takes over Seto's mind. Seto is forced to duel the Pharaoh, at which point he summons the Blue Eyes White Dragon. However, Kisara's mind still inhabits the White Dragon, and she turns instead on Akhenaden/Zorc.

Freed from Zorc's control, Seto awakes to Kisara fading into the light, her spirit eternally sealed into a stone slab. Seto subsequently holds Kisara's dead body in front of the BEWD tablet and weeps -- notably, this is the "vision" that appears during Seto's duel with Isis Ishtar in Battle City.

Takahashi has stated that he originally planned for the story to have further explored the relationship between Seto and Kisara (including a subplot where Seto rebels against Atem to avenge Kisara's death), but in order to meet a deadline these details had to be cut. According to the author, Seto's feelings for Kisara are the reason behind Kaiba's present-day obsession with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Vital Statistics

Birthdate: Unknown (Unknown Star Sign)
Grade: N/A
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: White with natural light blue highlights (appears blue in shadow)
Eye Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Unknown
Least Favorite Food: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Heros: Priest Seto
Ka: White Dragon, later to be known as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
Deck Theme: N/A
Voice Actress:

Kisara as seen in the animated series Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

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