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Seto Kaiba's adoptive father. A national chess champion, orphan Seto challenged Gozaburo to a chess match with the agreement that if he won, Gozaburo would adopt him and his brother. While Gozaburo made good on his deal, Seto did not get the better end. Gozaburo was a harsh father, forcing Seto to study long hours without sleep or food or company. The harsh treatment warped Seto's personality, turning him into a perfectly heartless businessman.

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As repayment to his adoptive father, Kaiba took over Kaiba Corporation. As his final lesson, Gozaburo jumped from the boardroom window, teaching Kaiba that the loser must die.

In the Duel Monsters anime, Gozaburo suffered a heart attack instead and was uploaded into Noa Kaiba's virtual world. During that storyline he took over the virtual reality world after Noa lost to Yugi and further antagonized the group. In order to escape, he planned to take over Seto Kaiba's body; the two dueled and Gozaburo lost. He tried to escape through Seto anyway, but was stopped by Noa himself. Gozaburo was last seen manifesting within the explosion that destroyed Noa's battle ship, symbolically attempting to devour the escaping KaibaCorp aircraft.