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In no particular order:

English Dub vs Original Sub

Yuugi Mutou = Yugi Moto

Joey Wheeler = Katsuya Jounouchi**

Serenity Wheeler = Shizuka Kawai

Tristan Taylor = Hiroto Honda **

Téa Gardner = Anzu Mazaki

Seto Kaiba = Seto Kaiba **

Mokuba Kaiba = Mokuba Kaiba

Maximillion Pegasus = Pegasus J. Crawford

Odion = Rishid

Marik Ishtar = Malik Ishtar

Ishizu Ishtar = Isis Ishtar

Mai Valentine = Mai Kujaku

Duke Devlin = Ryuuji Otogi

Bakura = Ryou Bakura **

Mahad = Priest Mahaado

Karim = Priest Kalim

  • Please note that Japanese names have been stated in Western order, with given name first, family name last.

** (Japanese names only) Characters who are rarely, if ever, are spoken to with their given name. There are some exceptions, however; Anzu always refers to Yuugi as 'Yuugi' as do all the other boys and even Kaiba and other "villains." In return, everyone refers to Anzu by her given name. However, Shizuka is the only one to call her brother by his given name (Katsuya), while Mokuba is the only one to call HIS brother by his given name (Seto).