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Domino is the fictional town in Japan where the events of Yu-Gi-Oh take place. Not much is known about it other than it houses at least a high school (where Yuugi Mutou and his friends go), the headquarters of Kaiba Corporation, an Aquarium, docks, and the Turtle Game Store.

Since Yu-Gi-Oh is based off games, it makes sense that domino as a place name would be considered a pun. In the comics, Domino is not written using the same characters as the game dominos, as it takes Chinese characters and offers an alternative pronunciation for them (which *does* use the same characters as the game, in katakana).

Domino also hosted Kaiba Corporation's 2-day Battle City trials, until the quarter-finals took place aboard Kaiba's Duel Ship (also called the Kaiba Kraft 3)