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Dinosaur Ryuuzaki / Rex Raptor
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as he appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime
Debut Yu-Gi-Oh! (original and English manga) Volume 7, Duel 60
Birthday 12/29/1980
Deck Dinosaur
Signature Duel Monster Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Serpent night Dragon
Sign Virgo
Age 15 years old on first appearance
Height 165cm (approximately 5'5")
Weight 52kg (approximately 112.5 lbs.)
Blood Type O
Favorite food Takoyaki
Least Favorite food Pepper


Dinosaur Ryuuzaki is a minor character and recurring duelist throughout both the anime and manga. Although he has never actually been shown winning a duel, he is a fairly strong duelist and runner-up in the Japan Regional Championships (having lost to Insector Haga).

During the ride to Duelist Kingdom he is swindled out of his private room by Mai after losing a duel to her. While on the island he agrees to duel Jounouchi for Mai in exchange for a second chance to face her, but loses and ends up having to give his powerful Red-Eyes Black Dragon to Jounouchi.

Later on, during Battle City he is once again shown losing, this time to Espa Roba.

Ryuuzaki makes a cameo appearance during Toei's Yu-Gi-Oh movie, shown losing to Seto Kaiba before Yugi arrives.