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Death-T is the term used to refer to both Seto Kaiba's Kaiba Land attraction and the opening ceremony "event" that he challenged Yuugi Mutou to. In both the manga and the Toei anime, this event took place in Kaiba Land, spanning five levels. The level challenges, participants, and solution vary between the anime and the manga, however.

Toei anime Manga
T-1: Shooting Game (Laser Tag) Stardust Shootout (Laser Tag)
T-2: "Bllood" robot Murderer's Mansion: Electric Chair Ride, "Bllood" switch guillotine game, Chopman dungeon challenge
T-3: Falling blocks Falling blocks
T-4: Capsule Monsters Chess Capsule Monsters Chess
T-5: Magic and Wizards duel Magic and Wizards duel
Allies Enemies
T-1: Yuugi Mutou, Hiroto Honda (manga victor), Katsuya Jounouchi, Anzu Mazaki, Miho Nosaka1 (anime victor)/Johji2 Toei Anime: Red (Unnamed red-headed male), Black (Unnamed bald male with mustache), Blue (Unnamed female with blonde hair)
Manga: Unnamed black-haired male assassin, Bob McGuire ("Black"), Johnny Gayle ("Red")
T-2: Yuugi Mutou, Hiroto Honda, Katsuya Jounouchi, Anzu Mazaki, Miho Nosaka1/Johji2 Toei anime: "Bllood" Robot
Manga: Kaiba mansion butler, the Chopman
T-3: Yuugi Mutou, Hiroto Honda, Katsuya Jounouchi, Anzu Mazaki, Miho Nosaka1/Johji2 N/A
T-4: Dark Yuugi Mokuba Kaiba
T-5: Dark Yuugi; Toei anime only: Katsuya Jounouchi, Miho Nosaka1 Seto Kaiba; Toei anime only: Aileen Rao3, Ryuuichi Fuwa3

1 Please note: Miho Nosaka was only present in the Toei anime version of this arc. She is not present as a friend of the gang in the manga, and in fact, only appears in one arc in the manga, not as a recurring character.
2 Johji, Honda's nephew (through his unnamed older sister) only appears in the original manga, not in the anime.
3 Aileen Rao and Fuwa Ryuuichi, along with the other Kaiba-hired shitennou only appear in the Toei anime. While Dark Yuugi dueled Seto Kaiba in the animated Death T-5 episode, Katsuya Jounouchi and Aileen Rao fought in special battle suits, while Miho Nosaka and Ryuuichi Fuwa controlled them (respectively).