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Akunamkanon in the Memory World arc of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

Akunamkanon (Aknankanon in the English dub) is a character that briefly appears in the Memory World arc. He is Pharaoh Atemu's predecessor, and the original holder of the Millennium Puzzle, and brother to Priest Akunadin. He is also Atemu's father.

A strong Pharaoh in most aspects, Akunamkanon is rather weak when it comes to things such as war, refusing to fight until it is is almost too late, as shown on the eve of the creation of the Millennium Items.


Akunamkanon is considered the 'older' brother of Akunadin, when, in fact, the two are identical twins born at the same time. Akunamkanon was determined to be the older brother because his cry was louder than Akunadin's. Akunadin was always a bit jealous of his brother because of this.

Early in the anime and manga, Akunamkanon is credited with the creation of the Items, when it was actually Akunadin who created them, in order to save Egypt from invaders, who were after the Millennium Tome/Spellbook. In order to do so, 99 lives had to be sacrificed. Akunadin hid this fact from his older brother, as he knew his brother be horrified if he found out.

Unfortunately, Akunamkanon did find out, as Priest Mahaado tells Atemu, and the news ends up being the cause of his death.