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If I’m a member of another site on the Seventh Star Network, do I need to join again?

Yes and no. Because the Seventh Star Network is powered by WordPress, you only ever need to fill out a registration form once! But I didn’t want to assume that you’d want to show up as a member on every single site in the network, so if you want to register for a second, third, etc. site on the Network, just go to the Join page for that site, enter in your existing login information, and you should be allowed to join that site with your same information!

The key thing is to use the same email address! If you change the email address you join with, the system will think you’re a different person. If you change the email address but not the username, you’ll get an error about the username already being in use.

If you encounter any problems with this, please let me know so I can manually add you to the site(s) of your choice!

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