2016 Updates

It’s true: I’m not terribly good with posting updates here as often as I should. I hope that’s something I can change in 2017, especially since I’ll be wrapping up my grad school program in Library and Information Science. 2016 Updates: New fanfiction status page (also in the Fanfiction menu for quick access anytime) Joined

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May 2015 Update

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. I have been updating things on the back end, but content-wise, there’s not a lot new here…yet. Plans are in the works to convert all of the Enthusiast-powered fanlistings to WordPress sites using a plugin called UserPro, and hopefully I will also be able to convert WikiFic into a

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Late May Update

Back again, this time with some small incremental updates to WikiFic‘s main software (MediaWiki), along with several extensions. As far as I’ve been able to find, the site itself and all extensions are up-to-date, but I have seen a handful of error messages pop up in very select circumstances. If you happen to see any,

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Mid-May Update

Back again, this time with a whole host of new things…and more coming soon! For you Along the Way fans, we’re now up to page 223 on the site, with pages 224-228 and all the Chapter 2-7 Cover pages getting added soon! The Characters page is almost complete, though as the story progresses, of course you’ll

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Late April Update

Hey everyone, Long time no post! I apologize for the delays in updates; I’ve had a lot of crazy stuff going on, including a recent switch in my servers! I’m trying to confirm that all of the websites on the Seventh-Star Network are up and running; if you encounter any errors while trying to load

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Mid-November Update

An issue with the webcomic Along the Way missing pages or having pages in the incorrect order has been fixed. Upcoming updates for the comic include: More comic pages (up to page 203 has been released on CleopatraWolf’s DeviantArt as of today) Transcripts for the visually impaired for all comic pages Adjustment on certain comic

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Early November Update

Work on the new Seventh-Star Network is underway! Here are some sites you can check out now, along with a few that are coming soon… Along the Way – an Azureshipping (Téa x Seto) comic based off Flashchimp’s fanfiction of the same name, drawn by talented artist CleopatraWolf! I’ll be adding more pages to this

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Late October Update

If you’re a repeat visitor to Seventh-Star.Net, you may be wondering…hey, where’s the site? Here’s a quick fall update to let you know what’s up, what’s down, and what can be found where (soon): Former WordPress sites: Along the Way, the Téa x Seto webcomic by Flashchimp and CleopatraWolf, is coming back soon as part

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