May 2015 Update

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. I have been updating things on the back end, but content-wise, there’s not a lot new here…yet.

Plans are in the works to convert all of the Enthusiast-powered fanlistings to WordPress sites using a plugin called UserPro, and hopefully I will also be able to convert WikiFic into a new, also WordPress-powered encyclopedia–not just for Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction readers and writers, but also fans in general, who find the other Yu-Gi-Oh! wikis out there lacking in unique, original, and detailed content.

Truthfully the MediaWiki platform is bloated and difficult to work with: it requires a special method of updating, not all extensions have version numbers, and sometimes even when extensions are updated, the version number isn’t properly changed in the extension itself!

The most recent update brings stability and security to the platform, but it has left me unfortunately unable to confirm new user accounts or even post new pages without a fatal error that I have had little luck understanding.

If you have suggestions for better wiki-like software, especially those that work with WordPress, your comments are greatly appreciated!

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