How does fashion impact teens? - How does fashion affect adults? - How does fashion influence behavior? - How is fashion a global phenomena? - How does fashion impact YOU? - How YOU can make a difference!

How does fashion impact teens? Teens around the world have an influence on fashion and how it reaches them. In turn, fashion impacts the way teens are percieved by their peers, by adults-- in general, by the world around them. Adults are impacted by fashion in that they are the grown-up teenagers, the old generation that helped shape the current one. They are the ones that play a large role in the dictates of style and fashion, determining FOR teenagers what is attractive and what is not, all while downplaying their own beliefs so that it seems like what is designed and marketed is "current, new, and hip." Many successful fashion designers -whether they design solely for teenagers or not- are in their thirties at least, a fact which is often surprising to younger fans of particular designers. Adults look to teenagers to find out what is "hot" and stylish, while teenagers look to adults for adaptations of old styles, or ways to change current styles.

Fashion plays a large role in the way someone acts, as many people judge by first appearances. If someone mistakenly interprets someone's attitude, lifestyle, class, etc. by the way they dress, it can be taken as an insult by someone who simply appreciates a certain style of clothes. Not all people who wear leather jackets are members of biker gangs, and not everyone that likes black lace is gothic. Still, most people wear what they like when it's appropriate for a certain occasion-- that occasion being an event, the weather, or other influences on the day's Outfit of Choice. Fashion's influence over behavior extends from being a mere conversational topic to the reason why there's an "In Crowd" and an "Out Crowd" at schools.

Fashion is global simply because everyone in this world wears clothes. Whether someone lives in Japan, Australia, Britain, or the United States, everyone has their own reason to dress in a particular fashion, a style they like, or a label they prefer. It's a phenmomena more than a simply occurrence because it's so changeable, and is never the same from month to month, place to place. Even in prehistoric times, not all humans wore furs-- the colder your climate, the warmer your furs... but the warmer your climate, the less likely you would be to have such things at all! The same is true even today, as fashion continues to change its face, and the appearance, behavior, and attitude of everyone around us.

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You CAN make a difference in the fashion world. Regardless of whether the next place you go after this is a shopping mall or a debutante ball, take a good look at the people around you. Examine what they wear. If they're your friends or family, see whether or not what they wear offers a glimpse into their personality, lifestyle, history, or beliefs. They say "clothes make the man," but how often is that actually true? The next day you pick your own outfit, consider what other people might think of you if they were seeing you for the first time, and judged you based on your appearances. What kind of impression might you leave? Or does what others think -even a little bit- even matter? You tell us!


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