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HII!! I'm UnfalteringDream! I'm currently 15, a sophomore, a lover of GOD, and a recently-converted fan of Azureshipping! My first story featuring them will be "Planetarium", but I don't know when I can get the first chapter done and posted, but I'll try my best! So keep your eyes open! :)


I finally got the first chapter of "Planetarium" posted up! YAY!!! ^ ^ Please try it out and review! It's my first Azureshipping fanfic, so I hope it's ok. I'm a horrible writer anyhow, so it probably won't make a difference!

Until the next update!

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Planetarium by UnfalteringDream

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What happens when you are just getting over your first love when your rich father tells you that you have to marry the CEO of a company in order to secure his own, and that CEO turns out to be a certain callous, blue-eyed SUPER JERK?!