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Fairytale Genre: Unknown von Geniusgirl


Equating real life and fantasy is never easy. In Seto Kaiba's fairytale, he brings the evil upon himself, doesn't manage to vanquish it, alienates the allies he needs and completely forgets about the existence of the fair princess. Thankfully, real life is a bit longer than fairytales and though Happily Ever After is elusive, it's willing to wait for the characters to catch up.

Eingestuft: K [Reviews - 2]
Kategorie: Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, Part 1, Pharaoh's Memory, Continuations, Battle City, Part 2 > Noa's Virtual World
Charaktere: Anzu Mazaki, Mokuba Kaiba, Seto Kaiba, Yuugi Mutou
Genres: Drama, Romance
Story Type: Remix
Warnings: None
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Veröffentlicht: 01/27/2007 Aktualisiert: 01/27/2007

Story Anmerkungen: Written for the LiveJournal Communty 30 Quills. A story in 3 parts; each made up of 10 prompts. Overall rating subject to change.

1. Chapter 1 by Geniusgirl [Reviews - 2] (3502 words)

Themes: #1 - #10
Chapter Rating: K/G