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Long Hours von praiseofshadows

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Still not mine!

I’ve been in close proximity to Kaiba Seto before. Several occasions, actually. Mostly involving planes and choppers. Never on pubic transport and with the controlled-chaos that is Homeroom Z surrounding us.

We were going to Kyoto. It was the summer term trip Domino High had taken all its third year students since – well, since at least my mother had attended, and I’m pretty sure it was old then. Pairings were supposed to be girl-girl and boy-boy, but our year had an odd number of both, and so Kaiba-kun and I drew the short straws on same-sex pairing.

Obviously, we couldn’t (like the other pairs) room together. I was rooming with a female chaperone, Kaiba-kun with a male one, but we were to be seatmates on the train and any other form of transportation we found ourselves on.

Kaiba-kun had taken the window seat, but (predictably) he was typing away at both his laptop and his blackberry. I suppose the teachers felt they were pushing their luck just by getting him to go on the trip and that denying him his technology fix was pushing that luck too far.

He also (of course) wasn’t talking to me.

The boys (unfortunately) weren’t on our car, and though I initially had tried to carry on a conversation with the girls across the aisle, they had made it plain that they weren’t interested in adding another into their ranks.

So. I was deprived of scenery and of conversation. I read a magazine. Then another. Then even the train’s safety instructions in event of an accident.

Then (as we still had two hours to go) I decided enough was enough.

“Having fun?” I asked Kaiba-kun.

Kaiba-kun looked up at me through his too-long bangs that were just screaming for a hair-cut. “What’s it look like?”

Four words; I was impressed. Kaiba-kun sure was talkative today.

“Not sure. Standard of deviation has too great a margin of error.”

Weak joke, I know, but the left corner of Kaiba-kun’s mouth twitched slightly, and I assumed that meant either that he appreciated my effort or was slightly impressed I actually knew what standard of deviation was.

“Huh.” Kaiba-kun deigned to close his laptop, though his right hand continued to hold his blackberry stylus. “I suppose you’re bored.”

“You suppose correctly.”

I saw a hint of Kaiba-kun’s even, white teeth. Then, “If you’re that bored…” And he handed me a thick folder that had been sitting by his side. “There’s a highlighter inside,” he told me. “Highlight all of the June 10th transactions.”

Well, I had set myself up for that one.

By the time we arrived at our hotel, I could safely say I was no longer bored. No, I was dead from boredom. And I had highlighter marks all over my fingers.

On the other hand, I no longer could claim myself ignorant of Kaiba Corporation’s intra-plant shipping on June 10th.

Such is life.

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