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Standards of Quality
Dragonfayth Standards of Quality
Why we have standards of quality: Dragonfayth is not a public archive in the sense that every story that is submitted here is immediately accepted and posted. This is a privately-owned and operated site, and as such, submissions are subject to moderator approval. Because the owner and moderator(s) seek to include the best of the best Azureshipping fanfiction, only quality work will be considered for inclusion in the archive. Every story is given equal opportunity to be considered and all stories and all authors are subject to these Standards. They exist with the hopes that people will read and abide by them, and ensure that what they submit to the archive is the very best work possible.
Stories that do not meet these Standards are subject to rejection/deletion from the queue and/or deletion from the archive (if already posted)!
  1. All stories must use appropriate grammar, spelling, and formatting. This is already established in the Submission Rules, but the moderators are willing to let a few simple errors slide. But if repetitive mistakes will not be tolerated! The mods do not have time to check every single submission for errors, let alone the kinds that a spellcheck won't find (such as homonyms like there/they're/their and your/you're). Grammar includes proper formatting for dialogue. Sentences that involve speech should always start on a new line (each new speaker gets a new line), and dialogue with attribution should look like this:
    "What do you mean," T