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Yu-Gi-Oh Cast of Characters

Please note: this list is alphabetical, according to who is on the site character roster. If we're missing anyone important, let us know! Names listed are the Japanese names, written in Western style: given name followed by family name. Any dub nomenclature is in parentheses.


Akunadin (Akhenaden) - One of the Chosen Priests of the Pharaoh Atemu, and the only Priest whose duties carried over from the reign of Atemu's father, Akunamkanon (see below). He is the holder of the Millennium Eye and also the father of Priest Seto, though Seto is unaware of this fact until late in the final arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh story. He is also responsible for the creation of the Millennium Items, and he is one of the few that knows the truth behind their creation.
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Akunamkanon - Pharaoh Atemu's late father and the previous pharaoh. He was the first holder of the Millennium Puzzle (Pendant). Not much else is known about him, other than the fact that he died of anguish upon finding out the truth about the Millennium Items and their creation, and he desperately wanted his son to use them for good reasons, to protect the people and save them from destruction.
Amelda (Alister) - One of the Three Swordsmen of the Doma (Doom) organization headed by Dartz. He blames Seto Kaiba for the death of his little brother and the destruction of his hometown, even though it was really Dartz's (under disguise as Gozaburo Kaiba) doing.
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