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Please note: this list is alphabetical, according to who is on the site character roster. If we're missing anyone important, let us know! Names listed are the Japanese names, written in Western style: given name followed by family name. Any dub nomenclature is in parentheses.


Akunadin (Akhenaden) - One of the Chosen Priests of the Pharaoh Atemu, and the only Priest whose duties carried over from the reign of Atemu's father, Akunamkanon (see below). He is the holder of the Millennium Eye and also the father of Priest Seto, though Seto is unaware of this fact until late in the final arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh story. He is also responsible for the creation of the Millennium Items, and he is one of the few that knows the truth behind their creation.
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Akunamkanon - Pharaoh Atemu's late father and the previous pharaoh. He was the first holder of the Millennium Puzzle (Pendant). Not much else is known about him, other than the fact that he died of anguish upon finding out the truth about the Millennium Items and their creation, and he desperately wanted his son to use them for good reasons, to protect the people and save them from destruction.
Amelda (Alister) - One of the Three Swordsmen of the Doma (Doom) organization headed by Dartz. He blames Seto Kaiba for the death of his little brother and the destruction of his hometown, even though it was really Dartz's (under disguise as Gozaburo Kaiba) doing.
Anzu Mazaki (Téa Gardner) - One of Yuugi's best friends and the leading female in the Yu-Gi-Oh series. Half of the Azureshipping (Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki) pairing. She's known for being a bit tomboyish, but she's courageous and loyal to a fault, and she believes in friendship no matter what. Her greatest dream is to study dance in New York.
Atemu (Atem) - The Pharaoh that ruled Ancient Egypt that stopped the "darkness" that was threatening the world by sealing it in the Millennium Items. His spirit was known as Yami no Yuugi (Dark Yuugi) or "The Other Yuugi." He didn't know his true name nor the power it held until the final arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh story.
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Bakura - The self-proclaimed "Thief King" this man is the original incarnation of Yami no Bakura (Dark Bakura), or the Spirit of the Millennium Ring that uses Ryou Bakura as a host. He lived in the village known as Kul Elna where the Millennium Items were first made using a great and powerful dark magic, and ever since, vowed to destroy the Pharaoh and the wielders of the Millennium Items. He becomes the controller of a series of powerful ka (spirit monsters) storng enough to combat the Gods (Osiris, Obelisk, and Ra) and all the ka of the Chosen Priests. He also defeats several of the Chosen Priests and takes their Millennium Items, but he is most often associated with the Millennium Ring.
Chris - The daughter of Dartz and granddaughter of Ironheart. The princess of the Lost City of Atlantis, Chris took sides against Dartz after he became influenced by the Orichalchos stone.
Dartz - The former king of the Lost City of Atlantis. He started to believe humanity was inherently corrupt, and he decided to purge humanity and find those worthy of living by using the powers granted to him by the Orichalchos stone. He was (or became) immortal, and lived only to gather enough human souls to ressurect the great Orichalchos God (Leviathan) in order to purge humanity of its corruption.
Dinosaur Ryuuzaki (Rex Raptor) - The 2nd place Japan Regional Champion. As his name implies, he's a duelist with a Dinosaur-themed Beatdown deck. Though both Yuugi and Jounouchi have beat him, Ryuuzaki wants to beat Jounouchi more than anything. He also dislikes Mai for tricking him in Duelist Kingdom. He became an agent of Doma during the Orichalchos saga.
Espa Roba - One of the many competitors in the Battle City tournament, Espa Roba used "ESP" to defeat his opponents. Jounouchi discovered that Espa Roba was really having his siblings spy on the duels from afar, thus he wasn't winning by his own strengths at all. He was defeated by Jounouchi in Battle City.
Gozaburo Kaiba - Seto and Mokuba Kaiba's deceased adoptive/foster father. He was a ruthless businessman and reigning chess champion until young Seto challenged him while Gozaburo visited their orphanage. If Seto won, Gozaburo had to adopt them. Seto ended up winning by using Gozaburo's own strategies against him, and in turn, Gozaburo trained Seto to be his protégé . However, when Seto unexpectedly learned so much that he took control of Kaiba Corp. right out from under Gozaburo's nose, Gozaburo died of a heart attack (anime) or committed suicide by throwing himself out a window (manga).
Hiroto Honda (Tristan Taylor) - Jounouchi's best friend. The two have known each other since junior high, and Honda is the only one who is privy to much of Jounouchi's dark past. In the Toei animation, Honda was a member of the school beautification committee, and had a fierce crush on Miho. In the NAS anime (what is aired as the dub), he's a bit rougher, drives a motorcycle illegally, and crushes on Jounouchi's sister, Shizuka.
Insector Haga (Weevil Underwood) - The 1st place Japan Regional Champion. He competed in several tournaments, including Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, and as an agent for Dartz during the Orichalchos Saga. He runs an insect-themed deck.
Ironheart - The former king of Atlantis, succeeded by his son Dartz. When Dartz decided that humanity was inherently corrupt and needed to be destroyed to be born again, Ironheart stood against him. Ironheart died in the battle, but his spirit continued to live on to protect the secrets of Atlantis.
Isis Ishtar (Ishizu Ishtar) - The eldest surviving member of the Ishtar tombkeeper clan, Isis was the original holder of the Millennium Torque (Necklace) before she passed it on to Yuugi. She was responsible for bringing the tablets that featured Yuugi's previous incarnation, the Pharaoh, to Japan, and prompting Kaiba to start the Battle City tournament. She entered Battle City to try and stop her brother, Malik Ishtar, from gaining the power of all three Egyptian God Cards. In a previous lifetime, she was the Priestess Isis, holder of the same Millennium Item.
  Kalim - One of the Chosen Priests and a guardian of the Pharaoh Atemu, this man is the second holder of the Millennium Scales, after an unnamed man who was most likely his father, and before Shaadii.
Katsuya Jounouchi (Joey Wheeler) - A rough-talking boy with a gang-related past, Jounouchi liked to tease Yuugi, up until the day that Yuugi stood up for him against the bully of the school. Ever since then, Jounouchi and Yuugi have been good friends, though they have dueled against each other many times.
Kisara - In the Ancient Egyptian arc, this girl is the vessel of the incredibly powerful Blue-Eyes White Dragon (then called the "White Dragon") spirit, known as a 'ka.' For reasons unknown, her 'ka' is bound to her 'ba', or life force, and as such, she cannot summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon of her own free will (except under great duress, it seems, and even then, only once). She is never aware of when she summoned the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and almost always fell unconscious when it happens. The Priest Seto saved her life (twice in the anime), and she is incredibly grateful to him. She is outcasted by many Egyptians because of her unusual hair, skin, and eye color.
Leon Wilson - The alias of Leonhard von Schroider (von Schroeder) , the youngest member of the wealthy German von Schroider family. He entered the Kaiba Corp. Grand Prix (Grand Championship) tournament at the behest of his older brother Siegfried (Zigfried). A genius, but neglected because he was the younger sibling, Leon has always wanted to feel useful to his family.
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Mahaado (Mahado/Mahad) - One of the Chosen Priests, Mahaado was a close friend and adviser to the Pharaoh Atemu. He was also the second holder of the Millennium Ring (after the original holder, who was unnamed), piror even to Bakura in any of his incarnations. In a battle with Bakura's ancient self, Thief King Bakura, Mahaado fused his ba (life force) with his ka (a spirit monster) and turned himself into the Magus of Illusion, the Duel Monster many today recognize as the Black Magician (Dark Magician).
Mai Kujaku (Mai Valentine) - One of the few female duelists, Mai Kujaku dueled for years prior to meeting up with Yuugi and the gang. She tricked Ryuuzaki into giving up his room aboard the Duelist Kingdom ship, and later "used" him to test out Jounouchi's dueling skills. However, Jounouchi later defeated her in a duel. Still, she made it to the finals, where Yuugi defeated her. She later dueled in Battle City, but was defeated by Malik in the quarter-finals. She then became an agent of Doma, but regretted her decision at the last minute and ended up sacrificing her soul to the Orichalchos God. She recovered, but left Japan and was not seen again (except in brief cameos in the Yu-Gi-Oh Movie and the end of the KC Grand Prix).
Malik Ishtar (Marik Ishtar) - Isis Ishtar's younger brother and the former holder of the Millennium Rod (before he gave it to Yuugi at the end of Battle City). He didn't want to undergo the painful initiation rite of becoming a Tombkeeper, but being forced to awakened a darker half in him, Dark Malik (Yami Malik), who killed the Ishtar patriarch. Malik thought that the Pharaoh was responsible, and set off to gain enough power to defeat the Pharaoh whose tomb he had been protecting for so long. He stole two of the God Cards, Ra and Osiris (Slifer) and entered Kaiba's Battle City tournament illegally. He made it to the finals, where Yuugi defeated him and his dark half. He later returned to Egypt.
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Mana - The apprentice magician of Mahaado, and a priestess-in-training for future Pharaohs. After Mahaado died in a battle with Thief King Bakura, Mana desperately tried to develop her magical abilities on her own, and was able to manifest a counterpart to Mahaado's Magus of Illusion (Black Magician), one recognized today as the Black Magician Girl. Mana bears a striking resemblance to the Black Magician Girl, except her hair is brown, her eyes are deep blue, and her skin is darker. In the final part of the last arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh story, she becomes an official Priestess, and wields the Millennium Ring.
Miho Nosaka - A character only seen in the manga and the Toei animation, Miho is a flighty girl whose interests tend to change from week to week. Still, she's very spirited and determined, despite being a bit airheaded and naive at times. Sometimes a boy's intense interest in her will embarrass her into silence! She is one of Anzu's good (female) friends.
Mokuba Kaiba - Seto Kaiba's younger brother. Their biological mother died giving birth to Mokuba, while their father only lived until Mokuba was three years old. They were dumped in an orphanage by their remaining relatives once their inheritance was spent, but Seto later got them out by defeating Gozaburo Kaiba in a chess match. After Gozaburo's death, the two lived more comfortably. Mokuba helps his brother in almost everything he does, and refuses to believe his brother could ever be in the wrong.
Noa Kaiba (Noah Kaiba) - Gozaburo Kaiba's biological son, he died when he was young. However, Gozaburo managed to save Noa's consciousness inside a virtual computer world, where he remained until he decided to take over the Duel Ship (Kaiba Kraft 3) and take over Seto Kaiba's body, in an attempt to prove who the "real" Kaiba was. He later repented and stopped a virtual Gozaburo from killing everyone, and he destroyed himself in the process.
Pandora (Arkana) - One of Malik's agents, a Rare Hunter, and a stage magician, Pandora trapped Yuugi in a duel where the loser would have his legs chopped off by razor blades. Pandora wears a mask to cover up a horrible scar that he gained during a magic act. Malik convinced Pandora that if he defeated Yuugi, Pandora would be reunited with his former wife, Catherine, who left him after he became disfigured. He uses a Dark Magician-themed deck, similar to Yuugi's.
Pegasus J. Crawford (Maximillion Pegasus) - The main antagonist of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Pegasus was the former holder of the Millennium Eye. He used the Eye's all-seeing powers to read into the minds of whoever he dueled against. Pegasus lost his lover/wife Cyndia at a young age, and became determined to find a way to bring her back. His attempts led him to Egypt, where he discovered Duel Monsters. Shaadi "installed" the Eye in Pegasus after Pegasus witnessed someone trying to steal the Eye (when he wasn't supposed to be following Shaadi in the first place). Yuugi defeated him in Duelist Kingdom. Bakura later stole the Millennium Eye after the duel (in the manga, Bakura also killed Pegasus, or forced Pegasus to commit suicide). In the anime, Pegasus made an appearance in the Yu-Gi-Oh movie and again in the Orichalchos Saga.
Rafael (Raphael) - One of the Three Swordsmen of the Doma (Doom) organization, Rafael worked for Dartz because he had lost all of his friends and family in a freak storm on the ocean several years ago. It turned out that Dartz caused the storm, and when Rafael discovered this, he turned against Dartz and helped Yuugi.
Rebecca Hopkins (Rebecca Hawkins) - A young prodigy duelist and the American Duel Monsters Champion, Rebecca first met Yuugi when she accused his grandfather of stealing her grandfather's prized Blue-Eyes White Dragon (which Seto Kaiba actually stole from Sugoroku Mutou and tore up). After Yuugi defeated her, they became "friends." Rebecca later appeared in the KC Grand Prix as a champion entrant, but was defeated by Leon Wilson. She likes Yuugi, but has no affection whatsoever for his other half. In the Japanese anime she's only 12 years old when she first meets everyone (but she's in college!) but in the dub, she's 8 years old.
Rishid (Odion) - Malik Ishtar's surrogate brother and faithful follower. Rishid performed his own Tombkeeper clan initiation rites when the Ishtar patriarch refused to allow Rishid to take Malik's place. Rishid was brought into the Ishtar clan after he was found as a baby abandoned near the Ishtar home. Shortly thereafter, Isis was born.
Ryou Bakura - A transfer student to Domino High (from London, in the dub), Ryou is the unlikely weilder of the Millennium Ring. His dark half is the spirit of a "thief king" trapped inside the Ring since ancient Egyptian times. He bears a strong grudge against the Pharaoh, and aims to defeat him. To do so, he often has to take over Ryou's body, leaving Ryou with no awareness of what is happening around him.
Ryouta Kajiki (Mako Tsunami) - One of the duelists in both Duelist Kingdom and Battle City, Ryouta is a fisherman who duels using a Water-themed deck. His father was lost at sea many years ago, so Ryouta aims to earn enough money in duels to buy a boat to find his father again. He has dueled both Yuugi (in Duelist Kingdom) and Jounouchi (in Battle City), and been defeated by both.
Ryuuji Otogi (Duke Devlin) - The young creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters believed Yuugi was a cheat in his duel against Pegasus, and challenged him to a Dungeon Dice Duel to prove that he hadn't. In the manga, Otogi acted on the demands of his father, who wanted to get revenge against Sugoroku Mutou for defeating him in a deadly game many years previous. Their store, Black Clown Games (Black Crown Games) burned down shortly after opening, but Otogi continued to sell Dungeon Dice Monsters, and even became friends with Yuugi and the others. He was a rival against Honda for the affections of Shizuka, Jounouchi's sister.
Seto - One of the Chosen Priests that protect the Pharaoh Atemu, Seto is clearly the previous incarnation of Seto Kaiba. He is also the holder of the Millennium Rod during Ancient Egyptian times, and later in the Pharaoh's Memory arc, he becomes Pharaoh, and wielder of the Millennium Puzzle (Pendant). There is some speculation that he was named for the ancient Egyptian god Set, god of chaos. (Note: it is inappropriate to refer to this character as "Seth," as the name "Seth" is Hebrew and not Egyptian in origin. Scholars have since agreed that the hieroglyphs representing the god's name cannot be translated into "Seth," as was previously thought.)
Seto Kaiba - The CEO and President of Kaiba Corporation, Seto Kaiba is one half of the Azureshipping pairing (Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki). His harsh training under Gozaburo Kaiba has made him rather callous to others, and he seeks only to be number one. When Yuugi unseats him as the Duel Monsters champion, Seto makes it his personal goal to defeat Yuugi again, by any means necessary. Little does he know that his desire to defeat Yuugi is at least partially fueled by their ancient history together, when Seto was a High Priest and Guardian of Yuugi's previous incarnation, the Pharaoh.
Shaadii (Shadi) - This mysterious fellow is the holder of the Millennium Ankh (Key) and the Millennium Scales in the present time. He seems to possess the uncanny ability to appear and disappear when you need him the most, and when you least expect him to show up...
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Shada - One of the Chosen Priests from ancient Egyptian times, this man was the second holder of the Millennium Key, after Shimon Muran (see below). It is speculated that there is some connection between him and Shaadii, but there is no solid canonical evidence of this.
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Shimon Muran (Simon/Saimun Muran) - Possibly the previous incarnation of Yuugi Mutou's grandfather, Sugoroku Mutou. Shimon is an adviser to the Pharaoh Atemu (Atem), and was the previous holder of the Millennium Key during Atemu's father (Akunamkanon)'s reign.
Shizuka Kawai (Serenity Wheeler) - Jounouchi (Joey)'s little sister was separated from him when they were very young, and their parents divorced. Shizuka had a debilitating eye disease which would eventually cause permanent blindness if she couldn't be operated on. Jounouchi cared for Shizuka so much that he gave his second place Duelist Kingdom winnings to pay for her operation. It wasn't until midway through Battle City (when Jounouchi fell under Malik's control) that Shizuka got her eyesight back, and she saved her brother from certain death. Despite being separated by their parents, Shizuka and Jounouchi still maintain a close relationship, and Jounouchi is very overprotective of her.
Siegfred von Schroider (Zigfried von Schroeder) - Also known as Siegfried von Schraider and Siegfried Lloyd (his dueling alias), this man is one of Kaiba's greatest business rivals. He claims to have invented the Solid Vision holographic technology, which Kaiba stole from him, and now he wants revenge!
Strings (The Quiet One) - A heavily-pierced, bald teenager, Strings was used as one of Malik's puppets. Malik gave him the Osiris the Heavenly Sky Dragon God Card (Slifer the Sky Dragon) to defeat Yuugi, but Yuugi figured out a way to circumvent Osiris's power, and he gained the God Card for himself.
Sugoroku Mutou (Solmon Moto/Muto) - Yuugi's grandfather and the owner of the Kame (Turtle) Game Store. He was once a legendary gamer that took risks and traveled the world, but after he nearly died playing the "games" within the tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh, he swore to wear overalls and never again take the risks he once did.
Valon - One of the Three Swordsmen that works for Dartz, Valon was a former delinquent who remained at a variety of juvenile detention centers before Dartz sprung him out. Little did he know that it was Dartz that had put him in the centers in the first place, by framing him for crimes he didn't commit! He garnered a strong affection for Mai during their time together working for Dartz, and aimed to defeat Jounouchi if it would make Mai's life easier.
Vivian Wong - The Chinese Duel Monsters champion, Vivian is very flamboyant, and wants to live the high life with a rich and famous boyfriend at her side. She has professed affections for both Seto Kaiba and Yuugi Mutou, which has made her an enemy of Anzu and Rebecca both. At the end of the Yu-Gi-Oh series, she is seen dueling alongside Mai Kujaku in China.
Yuugi Mutou (Yugi Moto/Muto) - The hero of the hit series Yuugiou! & Yuugiou! Duel Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh! in English countries). Rather timid and lacking courage, he never stood out much-- until he solved the mystery of the Millennium Puzzle and gained another "half" to his soul.