The Premiere Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki Fanfiction Archive
10 Shortest Stories

You Want Me by praiseofshadows

Rated: MA • 0 Reviews
Summary: He can't give her up.

Forbidden Feelings by drkmagiciangrl25

Rated: M • 0 Reviews
Summary: She knew what they were doing was wrong, especially to her friends. But she didn't care. She loved him and he loved her.

I'm Not Going to Tell Her by sinclair_gal

Rated: T • 0 Reviews
Summary: She is leaving tomorrow for her dream. I should tell her how I feel, but I won't.

Listen Now by praiseofshadows

Rated: MA • 1 Reviews
Summary: The beginning of the end.

Collide by Geniusgirl

Rated: K • 0 Reviews
Summary: She hears the music and meets the maker. [Drabble-ish one-shot]

Close Your Eyes by praiseofshadows

Rated: MA • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: She's married now; he doesn't care.

Giri-Choco by praiseofshadows

Rated: T • 0 Reviews
Summary: The gesture that started it all.

One by Geniusgirl

Rated: K • 1 Reviews
Summary: In his arms, she is.

Burns In Your Blood by praiseofshadows

Rated: MA • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: He's easy to anger.

Get You From My Head by praiseofshadows

Rated: MA • 0 Reviews
Summary: She tries to be good.