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Name: Filo (Anonymous) · Datum: 09/14/2007 10:26 AM · Für: Keep

Im not ashamed to say I cried throughout the entire story.

 It was Beautiful.

Name: SilverRoseForgotten (Signed) · Datum: 04/16/2007 11:36 PM · Für: Keep
This is a wonderful story. I read it a few months ago, around Christmas and I loved it. This February, my little brother died of cancer. After reading it now, I'm close to tears. I love your stories and I enjoy reading them. This is a good story and it lets people like me know that we're not alone and reminds us that there are good people in this world. Thank you.

Name: AvidReaderAlso (Anonymous) · Datum: 06/20/2006 01:04 AM · Für: Keep
Lovely. What a touching, well thought out story. I am truly impressed.

Name: Hidden_Layers (Signed) · Datum: 12/22/2005 04:11 AM · Für: Keep

I really love your Azureshipping stories and oneshots!  I really love them, and I hope you make more!  I'm currently working on a story myself and soon I'll post it up on Dragonfayth.  ~Hidden Layers

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