The Premiere Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki Fanfiction Archive

Name: horserider35 (Signed) · Datum: 02/24/2010 09:45 AM · Für: Neko no Guukan

liked the bit about the cat so cute

Name: Yesenia Rivera (Anonymous) · Datum: 01/13/2006 02:21 AM · Für: Neko no Guukan
That had an interesting finish. I'll give it a 9.99... one tiny decimal of a point and you would have gotten a perfect 10. I loved the story and I am sorrt of sad that it's only a one-shot but hey at least you wrote something good

Name: Cocoa1331 (Anonymous) · Datum: 01/04/2006 02:41 AM · Für: Neko no Guukan

In this you put Obelisk Blue as second-class, it's not. It is Kaiba's school so Ra Yellow is second-class. Obelisk = Kaiba, Ra = Marik, Osiris = Yugi. But besides that, it's okay.

Author's Response: Really? Because all the research I did on GX indicated that Obelisk Blue was over Osiris Red, but below Ra Yellow. All I know for sure is that Osiris Red is at the bottom of the barrel.

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