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Name: reko1620 (Signed) · Datum: 08/18/2008 03:09 AM · Für: Chapter 1: This Was Me
I read this story on Fanfiction.net and I gotta say I love this story so much :) I hope you can update it soon!!!

Name: Minou (Signed) · Datum: 11/07/2007 08:29 AM · Für: Chapter 1: This Was Me

Woooow!!!!Thanks, really thank you, thank you, thank you very much...that last chapter was damn good.

Now I know why this story is my favourite.  It's  because of the way you wrote the 'twists' that keep occurring.  I waited for this update since...uh...should I say eons and I'm really glad of its outcome. 

I hope to see another chapter...'soon', take your own sweet time...there's no hurry. The fruits of wait taste sweeter.

I'm willing to wait for ages...if the result is gonna be a wondeful, well-written and an excellent story...heard of WWE, well your story is one...lol...sorry but it's my old habit to say everything that comes to my mind...

Bravo à toi!!!(a bit of french for fun)...

Waiting for your next chapter impatiently... 


Name: Minou (Signed) · Datum: 08/03/2007 02:38 PM · Für: Chapter 24: A Perfect Victory

Well Azurite!

Congratulations for your wonderful, breath-taking story.

No, seriously, it's my favourite.

I don't know if it's because of the length or the ideas or god knows what else but I really like this story with all the chapters included.

I could have posted several reviews before but I preferred to say everything at the end of the story.

As you know! The best for the end!!! 

Ok so let me start:

1. I really like the way you describe this sudden loss in Téa's life.

2. The way you made Seto enter her new lonely life is remarkable.

3. The way you made Téa diatance herself from her friends is simply perfect.

4. The way you described the growing feeling between Téa and Seto is beyond comparison.

5. When it comes to jealousy between any two persons, you are just too good to relate these expressions.

6.The fights are very realistic.

7. The reconciliations is no better.

Ummmmm, well I guess I'm in short of words now.

Oh, I got one simple little bad remark.

I hope you won't mind me saying but the last few chapters which include most of the movie are a bit too 'movie-like' , like every single thing in the movie, even the conversations.

But the way, you made a few additions to it is just very very wonderfully done.

Hmmm, do you really intend to continue it? Well, I can't wait to read them.

Post them here itself on Dragonfayth, please!!!

You've got a nice way of writing. Keep it up!!!



Name: setoanzu4eva (Signed) · Datum: 07/18/2006 02:04 AM · Für: Chapter 10: Separation, and then...
I didnt really like the ending, meaning that it wasn't what i would choose but it was satisfying. I did love your story. Please write more.

Name: May (Anonymous) · Datum: 05/11/2006 08:38 PM · Für: Chapter 1: This Was Me
This is one me the best that I have read. I have seen go another website that you actually have 22 chapters out! But since I am a member here I'll wait.

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