Upgraded again; looking for mods

We've updated to eFic version 3.2.1. The changes are security-based, so the hacking incident that occurred because of eFiction's ability to "bridge" to other scripts can't happen again.

That said, I'm looking for some mods to help me with the Submissions Queue. A mod in this position would have the ability to accept and reject submitted stories to the site, and send out the Acceptance or Rejection Letters. It is up to the moderator whether or not to clarify any reasons why a story has been rejected, and whether or not to leave the story in the queue so the author may edit it (if the edits are numerous, but small) or delete it entirely (if the story as a whole does not meet Dragonfayth's requirements).

In saying I'm looking for someone to fit this position, I need someone who is critical, tactful, and understands Dragonfayth's standards of quality. I would also like those not interested in this role to understand Dragonfayth's standards: we DO NOT accept every old Azureshipping fic that comes out way, because frankly, we want to be an archive that is representative of quality fanfiction (not "a variety" and certainly not quantity). This means things that are grossly OOC are just as likely to be rejected as something with spelling, grammar, and/or formatting errors.

It is very difficult for me (Azurite) to reject things in the queue, which is why many stories languish there for a very long time. However, I have decided that I won't be putting that off anymore, and that I have already made every effort to state what Dragonfayth standards are. From now on, I will be rejecting/deleting things from the queue that do not meet these standards. Authors that wish to receive more information (should it not be contained in their rejection letter) can contact me privately through my email or the Contact Us form; I am also willing to act as a beta-reader and editor for those stories which require more input than simple spelling, grammar, or formatting fixes (which I do automatically from the queue). However, I will NOT re-write anyone's story for them. I provide honest, critical feedback on what Dragonfayth's standards are and how a particular submitted story does not meet those standards-- it is entirely up to the author how to deal with that advice and apply it to their story, and submit again if they so choose.

I refuse to make an example out of any one author or work, and my own personal standards prevent me from "making up" some sort of trashy example to show you. Please, Please, Please read the Guidelines and all other blocks of info here at Dragonfayth. Read the Submission Rules before you create a story!

I am frankly quite tired or seeing things that have such incredible potential but fall flat on their face because it seems as though the author doesn't truly care for quality.

And for the record: Sucking up to me in your author's notes WILL NOT prevent you from getting rejected. While I more than appreciate being mentioned in other authors' works, saying I'm a role model/hero/bestest buddy/whatever will not stop me from rejecting your story if it doesn't meet the story guidelines. If that is your sole reason for putting that kind of a note in there, let me just give you some advice: DON'T.

Any questions or comments, feel free to reply to this News block. 

Azurite on 03/25/2007 01:41 PM
Now running 3.1

eFiction has upgraded to 3.1. This addresses an issue we had with the Browse By character section, so now that it's fixed, you can browse stories according to what characters the author has indicated are present in the story.

I have yet to develop a full policy on character use, but I am tempted to say that if a character is mentioned explicitly by name in a story (even if the character has no dialogue, or does not physically appear in the story), then their name should be selected in the Characters section of a story.

However, since this is an Azureshipping archive, it seems sensible that any fic uploaded here should have either Anzu Mazaki or Seto Kaiba selected, if not both, by default. Please let me know what you think about this by commenting to this news item.

The rules have been updated! Please read them and check out the section regarding what is appropriate content for your summaries. 

The Help/FAQ page has been updated! You have the ability to upload a custom profile image or images for your story. Want to know the rules and how to do it? Go to the Help/FAQ page!

Coming Soon: a site map! 

If you find any other bugs, errors, or places on the site where things need to be added or tweaked, please let me know! This update also fixes some random things, including security.

Azurite on 01/18/2007 11:52 AM
Upgraded to 3.0.2

eFiction has upgraded to the newest patch, 3.0.2. In accordance with it, Dragonfayth has also updated. I apologize if you visited the site during our brief downtime during the upgrade. The upgrades are unscheduled, based on whenever the eFic staff releases a new upgrade, and they are performed as soon as possible. However, if any of the upgrades cause any errors that prevent you from accessing the site, I apologize and promise to rectify any such problems as soon as I can.

That said, if you spot any errors on the site, please let me know using the Contact Us form.

I have also re-added the Story Type classification; if your story has one or more Story Type, be sure to edit your Story's settings to include them!

I will soon be adding some general information about submitting to the site on the Submission Rules page, including information about beta-reading/editing by the administrators (namely me), tags in your summary (things like "Azureshipping" and "Seto x Anzu" and the like are unnecessary and a waste of space, since this is an Azureshipping-only archive), and others. Please be sure to read the rules when I announce that they have been posted.  

Azurite on 01/03/2007 02:25 PM
Updates to the Help/FAQ page

We've added some more information and general site rules to the Help/FAQ page. Notably:

  • Dragonfayth is a moderated archive. As such, stories submitted will NOT appear on the site live until they have been approved by a moderator. Stories can and may be edited prior to validation; you MUST keep credit to the beta-reader/editor in the story or chapter notes, or your story will be removed from the site. However, if you do not approve of the changes made, you may remove the story yourself and re-submit when the story fits the site guidelines-- remember, Dragonfayth screens for proper spelling, grammar, formatting, and ratings/warnings!

  •  The warnings you choose and the ratings you use should be chosen in unison. If you choose a Language, Sexual Content, or Violence warning, your story MUST NOT be rated K or K+. Character Death currently has no attached rating, but it depends on the content of the story. If Dragonfayth adds any other warnings in the future, you must be aware of any minimum rating rules associated with those warnings.
Azurite on 12/12/2006 11:33 PM
Dragonfayth updated to eFic 3.0

If you can't tell by the new look for Dragonfayth, we've updated to the stable release of eFiction 3.0! It's sleek, easy to customize, and combines a lot of things that required tedious manual editing in the previous release. However, there may still be some bugs to be worked out, so if you find anything malfunctioning, missing, or simply confusing, please let me know! Be sure to also read the Help page (FAQ) for more information.

Dragonfayth will be updating to ensure that we have all the same great features as before, and then some. Last on the list of priorities is Dragonfayth's current and rather drab appearance; the default skin "CSS Zen" is fully color-customizable, but because it's a rather simple edit that I can put MORE effort into if I so desire (thereby making it more suitable for the site), I want to save it for last. Suggestions for color schemes (4 colors) are welcome, as well as skin submissions. I may hold a Skin Contest eventually.

I'm still trying to get the Categories on the main page to display in 2 columns, rather than just one, but other than that, everything should be fine. Hopefully soon, we'll see the return of the Featured Author module. and I may decide to do news articles highlighting an interview with a monthly Featured Author! (But you can't be a Featured Author unless you submit something to the archives!)

Azurite on 12/08/2006 12:30 AM
Mods and More

If you've noticed, Dragonfayth is still in the process of being updated. Skins that weren't completely compatible with our site have been removed; by the time eFiction 3.0 is released, I hope to have some skins that are more "Anzu and Seto"-esque, as the original version of Dragonfayth had.

Many of the older mods have been re-added, these include the Poll (a new poll has gone live! Please vote and check out the Winter 2006 Challenge!), the Featured Story, Story Info, tinyMCE, Action Log, Featured Author, and more! Coming soon is the Story Type mod which we had before, but needs reinstallation. I may also consider a few other mods, but we'll see if there's a need for them. If there is a particular feature or problem you've been having with Dragonfayth, please let me know and I'll see what we can do about it. Please stay tuned for more updates.

ETA [1]: The Terms of Service have been updated. Please read them fully!

The Help/FAQ page has also been updated. If you can think of any other questions to be added, please use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page, or else email me .

ETA [2]: THE Story Types mod has successfully been added. Please make sure to classify your story under the proper Types if you have not done so already. Please read the Help page for more information about Story Types. 

Azurite on 11/16/2006 09:36 PM
Challenges & Reviews
In the process of adding this year's Winter 2006 Challenge, I noticed Dragonfayth was the victim of over 12,000 spam attacks in our challenge section. The spam challenges have been removed, and the challenge section changed so that only logged-in members can submit them.

This year's challenge HAS NO DUE DATE, but please consider posting your steamy Seto x Anzu fic with a winter theme for our 2006 Challenge! (Click on Challenges in the top menu.)

The Reviews have also been the victim of much spamming; while I have tried to remove all spam reviews, it seems that the only way to block them altogether is to disable Anonymous reviews. If you have been a non-member reading and reviewin fics here, please consider JOINING Dragonfayth so that you may leave signed reviews and submit your own work! I will be working on removing the rest of the spam reviews right now.

eFiction 3 has yet to come out with a stable release, so when I have time, I will be going through the site and making edits here and there to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you encounter a bug, spam, or just problems doing something on the site, please email me or contact me using the Contact Us form, linked on the bottom of the page!
Azurite on 11/11/2006 09:36 AM
Upgrade to 2.0.7
eFiction has upgraded its minor version 2.0.7, so I've updated the site accordingly. Mods that have been added include: Submission Queue mod (NEW!), Story Info Mod, Characters page link in menu

Mods that have yet to be added include: Poll, Featured Author, Featured Story, Story Type, the Profile link mods (LJ and FFnet).

You can check out the new eFiction 3.0 preview (beta version) here. Once a stable version is released, Dragonfayth will likely upgrade.

In the meantime, we've updated with some new fics. You can expect a greater integration with the nominations and submissions to our sister/affiliate site, Blue Eyes and Apricots, as time goes by.

If you'd like to volunteer to be a staff member, let me know.
Azurite on 07/24/2006 05:42 AM
Can't add your story/chapter?

If you've been having trouble adding your story or chapter lately, please check and see if you have the words "curl" or "lynx" in your story. For some reason, these two words (there are other possibilities, but these tend to be the most common) cause a 403: Access Denied error to come up. If you do have the words, try using some synonyms for them, and see if the upload works then.

If you get a "Script may cause your computer to become slow or unresponsive," go ahead and abort the script; your chapter should still upload successfully. 

Azurite on 03/06/2006 03:32 PM
Patch update 1/21/06
Hello there! I've updated our eFiction script to the latest patch, from Jan. 21, 2006.
The following mods are back in action:
* Featured Author block (needs image for title)
* Featured Story (comment to make a suggestion)
* Poll
* Links on your profile to your and accounts (if you don't have one, you can leave it blank)
* Story Type
* Story Info page

The last mod there means that when you click on a story, you won't be taken to the first chapter immediately; instead you'll be taken to a story index with further stats and links to the story.

Please note that the name you enter for your account MUST be your username, NOT your user ID number. DO NOT INCLUDE the tilde (~) as our script includes it for you! Just type your name. :)

Coming up next is the reappearance of the TinyMCE Advanced Editor with security fix so you can type or copy/paste stories and reviews with special features and characters.

Please note that the Main Menu now has two extra items: Featured Stories and Characters. I'll be updating both of them soon as we get more stories; eventually the Characters page will contain a list of all characters to date; suggestions for characters to add are welcomed!
Azurite on 01/22/2006 03:30 PM
More Mods
Two more mods have been added to our roster: Polls and Featured Author. If you'd like to suggest a question for the Polls, please feel free to do so. The Featured Author block will go up once more people post their stories!

Finally, I'm currently installing the latest version of TinyMCE, which is the WYSIWYG editor that we use for editing stories, chapters, and reviews. The new version has extended support for copy/pasting, advanced characters and typography, and more. However, Firefox users be warned: you can't copy/paste from the right-click context menu or the paste button unless you install a special config file, ChromEdit. However, you can copy-paste using the good ol' fashioned Edit/Paste menu.
Azurite on 12/13/2005 11:05 PM
Mods & More

I've just finished adding a new item to the main menu: Characters. Now there is a complete roster of all the characters featured on the site, along with a short bio next to a picture. Click on 'Characters' in the main menu to see what it looks like. If you think we need to add anyone, let me know!

Other mods recently added include the LiveJournal and Fanfiction.Net link mods. Please add your FFnet user name and LiveJournal user name to your profile and see them show up in your info! 

Also take advantage of the Series feature by adding stories that have a running thread (for example, my 30 Seto x Anzu submissions to the 30kisses LJ community) or are part of a fixed series. Anyone can contribute to the 30kisses series (if they claim Seto x Anzu for one of the kisses communities or lists), and when you create a series, you can choose to allow other people to participate as well! Similarly, you can challenge everyone, or start a round robin!

If you have any other questions, comments, or you want to volunteer to help out, let me know! Tell me what you think of the site! :) 

Azurite on 12/10/2005 06:17 AM
2.5 Tweaks and Updates

Welcome to version 2.5 of Dragonfayth! If you've stopped by here since the move from, you'll notice a lot of changes-- for one, we're running eFiction again, the newest version (2.0). We've also implemented a lot of mods to make the site run smoother and look better. I'm always open to suggestions!

Please sign up for your account today, even if you don't upload anything just yet. I'm working on making the site more accessible (read: pretty) before I go hog-wild with updates.

I'm again looking for people interested in being moderators. Positions include Skin Moderator (be in charge of creating, editing, and maintaining the skins and related images for the site), Challenge  Moderator (be in charge of all challenges, entries, and winners), and various Category Moderators (read stories submitted to the queue and either accept or reject them based on our site guidelines).

In any case, check out all the parts of the site-- as I said before, there's not much up, but at least you'll know where to look once the archive starts getting filled up! Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome! 

Azurite on 12/03/2005 03:39 AM