New Skin: Sommerbrise!

One of the most popularly requested items in our ongoing poll is a new skin (or more than one new skin)! To that end, I downloaded and tweaked "Sommerbrise," by Nadia of

Please let me know if you think any portions of the skin make reading difficult, be it on your computer or mobile device. This particular skin is responsive, and should work regardless of your screen size. The only images are the category images, so it should load quickly.

Let me know what you think!

Azurite on 08/16/2015 03:21 PM
News Items Under Attack!

Dragonfayth has always dealt with spam members trying to join. They're usually the ones who keep trying to login to get a password, and don't receive one, because they don't supply a valid email.

Sometimes, legitimate users mistype their own email address when they register. If you're one of those people, and have yet to receive an email with your initial password, email me and let me know (use the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page).

The News Items have also been the target of much spam, and as a result, I have had to turn off news comments. If you have any comments or questions about the site, please don't hesitate to email me. I'm hoping for a long-term spam solution, or I may consider moving Dragonfayth to a new platform. Suggestions are very much welcomed.

Azurite on 12/18/2012 12:12 AM
Spam not permitted!

I had to delete quite a few spam comments from the News Archive today. The unfortunate thing is that valid, registered users seemed to have left those comments, having gotten past the account creation captcha or other verification methods I have in place to secure the site.

In response, I have deleted those accounts. There was no activity on them whatsoever--no stories, no comments/reviews, no nothing.

In the future, any spam attached to ANY registered user's account will be immediately deleted. The accounts themselves will ALSO be deleted, if there is no activity. If there is genuine activity, I will endeavor to communicate with that user to find out if they were hacked or have simply changed email addresses.

In the future, I hope to introduce better anti-spam methods, but I am heavily reliant on the mods available for the eFiction script that powers this site.

Azurite on 08/08/2012 03:01 AM
Reminder: Valid Emails Required!

You are responsible for spelling your email address properly when signing up for a Dragonfayth account. As with any other online service, we verify your email account and assign a temporary password before allowing access to the site. You will not be able to get a new password if you originally supplied an incorrect email address!

Right now, this applies to the user "Racquel528," most recently, but if you are also experiencing issues logging into the site or getting a new password, please email me!

Azurite on 01/02/2012 11:52 PM
Updated to 3.5.2, Password Reminder
Hi everyone! We've updated to eFiction 3.5.2. If you have any issues whatsoever--e.g. something not displaying properly--please post a comment here or click the "Contact Us" button in order to contact me.

As a reminder, when you sign up for a new account, you MUST supply a valid email! That's where your initial password is sent, so if you don't get that email, you can't sign in! If I get a bounced email, I'll lock your account until you contact me...and if you don't contact me within a month, I'll delete your account!
Azurite on 04/24/2010 08:09 PM
Update dates not showing up

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if you experienced any fatal mySQL errors while trying to upload a story to the site, but that problem has now been rectified, as far as I know. Please let me know immediately if you encounter any errors on any part of the site.

The problem may also be tied to the database not recognizing WHEN someone uploads or edits a new chapter, resulting in stories not showing up in the Recently Updated block or the wrong Last Updated date being shown under the story info. However, the story itself will have been updated, and "last read" dates should still be accurate. I'm looking into getting this fixed with the folks at the eFiction forums, so keep your eyes peeled for an update!

Please let me know if you are subscribed to receive alerts for my story, "What Doesn't Kill You" and you did NOT get an email for Chapter 26 (and it is not in your Junk/Spam/Bulk folder of your email address). This will let me know what parts of the updating database are having problems. Thank you!

Azurite on 04/05/2009 09:06 PM
TinyMCE fixed!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know that TinyMCE is fixed. It seems that the compressor (which makes TinyMCE smaller in size) was causing the problems with the editor not showing up, so I removed it and presto! TinyMCE is back. It's still a bit off, what with the formatting toolbars at the bottom of the TinyMCE boxes, and a few buttons mising, but I think for now you'll have everything you need to properly format your fics, notes, bios, and more!

Azurite on 02/27/2009 01:32 PM
Member Purge 2009, Cont.

As mentioned in the previous news article, members whose accounts were inactive (nothing submitted, whether stories, reviews, recommendations, etc.) and who had bad email addresses were deleted.

These include members whose usernames were listed under "Bad Email Addresses" and "Deleted Yahoo Email Addresses" from the last news article.

I sent out an email to all the Hotmail/MSN/Windows Live users, and once again, it looks like my domain is getting the "Mailbox unavailable" error. I will attempt to create a special record so those services don't see as a spamming domain, and will email those users again. If I still receive the emails bounced back, I will delete those accounts. If you would like to avoid this, please EMAIL ME (azurite AT seventh-star DOT net) and notify me that you have changed the email address associated with your account to one that is NOT Hotmail/Windows Live/MSN.

I've sent out the "resends" mentioned in the last new items, so if any of those messages bounce, I will be deleting the associated accounts. Also, if you have a duplicate account on here, if one works and the other doesn't (due to an inactive or wrongly-spelled email), you MUST email me so I don't delete both accounts!

If you believe your account was deleted in error OR if you are having problems logging in, PLEASE DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ACCOUNT! Email me and let me know, and I will help you out.

I'm also currently having problems restoring the smart editor TinyMCE to the site; I'm working with the folks at eFic to try and bring it back ASAP!

Azurite on 01/04/2009 10:53 PM
Member Purge 2009

I wanted to let people who didn't read the news item about the email troubles know about how they could reset their passwords or get their initial account information, so I emailed all the members. However, not all of the emails went through. As a result, I've decided to clean out the Member Database and purge members whose email addresses are not up-to-date. Please check below to see if your member name is listed. If it is, you have a few options:

* Login and change your email address to an active one. If you do this, email me ASAP so I know not to delete your account!

* Email me to let me know you CANNOT login because you don't know your password. The lost password feature will NOT work for you if your name is below, because your email address on file is not working. Let me know what your Member Name is and we can change your email address and reset your password one-on-one.

* Do nothing. I'll delete your account.

Bad Email Addresses

People whose names appear below either spelled their email address wrong or used the wrong service (e.g. you typed '' when you use ''). If you remember your password, you can login and change your email address:

  • Filo
  • MormonGirlie
  • morning gloorry
  • Silk_Worm
  • SeiGurl
  • Krist8686
  • kuroganesgirl
  • Keanne Bayley
  • Anzulover
  • Anzu_Roshidelle
  • wake_the_skies
  • chi_kiki
  • yamitea07
  • honeyflower15
  • SatellarZula
  • kittycatpride
  • princessk
  • kimberly
  • lisa devers
  • black_tasha69
  • Sakunara
  • crystalwhirl18

Deleted Yahoo! Email Addresses

If you signed up at Dragonfayth with a Yahoo! email address and have since deleted it, you need to update the email address on file. We need to be able to contact you, so please supply us with a current, working email! These addresses are no longer recognized by Yahoo!

  • twitchycookie
  • anuz120
  • praiseofshadows
  • Azuresea12
  • cabs
  • theloveninja15
  • blue eyed angel
  • Razorcutkisses
  • jewel618
  • lightangel123
  • lani1235

Mailbox Unavailable

For whatever reason, your service (most likely Hotmail, MSN, or Windows Live) returned a "mailbox unavailable" error to us when we tried to email you. You need to supply a new, working email address to continue to be a member on the site.

  • Gentle Lucifer
  • Shishi
  • JenJen26/JenJen2666 (you can only have one account, so one or both of these will be deleted!)
  • Tenshi_no_kurai
  • Prodigywater
  • nana
  • Scary
  • ksing13
  • Chronicle
  • kiyoko
  • teanutm
  • raven666
  • accursed-wolf
  • ScarletJacklin666
  • citycat555
  • kookiestar
  • Sabi
  • forestryqu33n
  • aibell
  • BillLee

Other Issues

If your member name is below, when we tried to send you an email, we got another error, such as Account Over Quota or Inactive Account. You need to empty out your email account or login to it to reactivate it, or else login here and supply a new email address. Either way, please email me to let me know so I don't delete your account.

  • KorriAnne
  • crazygirl
  • 1uv142
  • Kailee
  • animes15
  • lani
  • brown_Eyes
  • fremaxq
  • SmileZ
  • Annabelleno1

I will be attempting to RESEND emails to the following users, because the emails didn't go through due to server overload. If your member name appears here and you DO NOT see an email address from me ( within a week, and you have checked your Spam/Junk/Bulk folder, let me know! If I get a bounce of some kind (like the abocve) from your service, I will move your name to that list, and you should follow the instructions above.

  • Rina50
  • Deiferen
  • Arthifun
  • Eve22x
  • Snow209/Snow229 (you can only have one account here on Dragonfayth, so I'll be deleting one of these accounts no matter what! You can email me to let me know which one, though.)
  • jazz09
  • SetoKaibaRules
  • hollibabe
  • pink_hibuscus
  • sophiax3you
  • haning
  • Redenzione
  • monkey111/monkey222 (you can only have one account here on Dragonfayth, so I'll be deleting one of these accounts no matter what! You can email me to let me know which one, though.)
  • the_hinotori
  • Tyler Stenburg
  • Kitty123
  • rainboxxex
  • starshine
  • Emmashay
  • escapexreality
  • Oddland
  • jackxoxo
  • Insane13
  • lihora
  • kate
  • teakagome
  • leahcim
  • QueenPansy69
  • coolcloobayb
  • Random10034
  • Hooty
  • Karicrystal
  • KAIBAM18

As well as many of us news post for not having received the password reset email I sent out the other day:

  • kkc
  • e3141592/evelynn314 (you can only have one account here on Dragonfayth, so I'll be deleting one of these accounts no matter what! You can email me to let me know which one, though.)
  • mnocturne9
  • kisa
  • DianaG
  • Inferno Phoenyx
  • Sisma

you must email me if your email address has changed and you cannot log in! If you do not email me, the account will be deleted starting 1/1/09.

Don't comment here with ANY of your account information. EMAIL ME at the address mentioned above!

Azurite on 12/19/2008 03:08 AM
Email issues fixed... maybe

If you recently signed up for an account and have yet to recieve your welcome email with your initial password, or you lost your password, or you tried to use the Contact Us form and it did not send, try again!

If you tried to sign up or get a lost password between 12/10 and today, you should have received an email today with a new password in it. Passwords have been sent to the following users: evelyn314, kkc, mnocturne9, mamrosc, holiester, DianaG, and Jatroamam.

If you created a different account because you didn't receive your password at your first account's email address, PLEASE EMAIL ME and let me know which account you would like to keep, otherwise I will delete the newer account. If you want to change your account's email address, please use the password that was recently sent to it to login to that account. If you have two accounts and want to change the old account's email to the newer account's email, the new account MUST be deleted first! 

The email settings for Dragonfayth were a little messed up, so I've corrected them and I was able to successfully send and receive an email (to/from different addresses) from the Contact Us form. Please let me know by commenting on this entry if you continue to experience problems. If you encounter an error, please include it in full in your comment! You can also email me directly: azurite AT seventh-star DOT net.

I apologize for anyone that tried to create accounts or reset their passwords and were unable to! Hopefully this resolves the problem.

Azurite on 12/15/2008 10:24 PM
Submission Queue Problem Fixed!

The submission queue problem is now fixed, so you should have no problem submitting your stories! I should be able to see them and appropriately validate them, if they meet the site's Standards of Quality and Rules! Be sure to read those thoroughly before submitting a story, or else your story will be rejected and you'll have to revise it before submitting again!

I've also added a new module, a Story Tracker, so if you want to keep track of a particular story's progress, add it to your Tracker! Just go to the Story's Index page and click on "Track This Story" to add the story to your tracker. If you end up tracking lots of stories, you can go to your Tracker page to sort through them and find the one you want to read first. The Tracker will also tell you when the last time you read the story was, so you'll always know when an unread chapter is available for you!

The Story End module is still out of commission, so you won't see any "The End" or "The End... Maybe" messages  at the footers of stories, but I hope that this issue will be fixed soon.

Any comments, suggestions, questions, etc. regarding the site are gladly welcomed-- feel free to comment here or email me using the Contact Us link!

Azurite on 11/05/2008 11:13 PM
eFic updated to 3.5!

Site Security Update, Submission Queue Still Wonky

Hey everyone! eFiction has finally been upgraded to version 3.5, which was a security update. Unfortunately, the problem with the submission queue not displaying story or chapter submissions is still ongoing, but there is a workaround if you are interested in submitting your stories.

Fic Exchange

Currently I'm holding a Fic Exchange for anyone that would like to make 88x31 or 100x51 buttons for Dragonfayth; read the details here. Submit a button, get a fic!

Azureshipping for the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching, so consider coming up with or participating in (or both!) a holiday-themed challenge featuring Seto and Anzu! Check out the Challenges page for more details! Buttons

I've added buttons to the bottom of every fic (currently only with the CSSZen skin; I'll get them added to the other skins shortly). What this means is that anyone can click on your fic and automatically have its link added to with just a few clicks, thereby increasing your fic's exposure! (Don't worry, the fic itself stays here at Dragonfayth, not wandering off on the web.) Be sure to "rec" and "rate" fics that you read and enjoy as well!

Someday I'd like to get the RSS/XML feed working so that all fics are automatically added, no buttons or clicking necessary, but it's still a ways off. In the meantime, tell me what you think of this feature!

Azurite on 10/29/2008 12:58 AM
Submission Queue Difficulties

The 3.4.3 update, in combination with version 1.3 of the Story End module (that's the module that adds "The End" or "The End... Maybe" to the footer of all stories) caused some problems with the submission queue. As a result, the stories currently in the submission queue have no content in the database that can be called up. I'm hoping a solution is found, but in the meantime, submission and validation will be at a standstil. If you'd like me to try adding your stories manually, please send them to me via email (in HTML, DOC, or TXT format only) at azurite [at] seventh-star [dot] net. Please note that I will still have to validate them prior to submission, so any stories that can be submitted manually may still not appear on the site immediately.

I apologize for the inconvenience and will post again as soon as a solution is forthcoming.

Azurite on 07/02/2008 03:47 AM
Updated to 3.4.3
Hi everyone, this is just a quick update to let you know we've updated to the latest version of eFiction, 3.4.3, which addresses some bug fixes and security concerns. If you ever come across something unusual (malfunctioning, missing, etc.), please let me know ASAP by emailing me-- azurite AT seventh-star DOT net, or by using the Contact Us form! Thanks!
Azurite on 06/02/2008 05:19 AM
Passwords at registration

Hi all, and happy December! I'm hoping to see some winter-themed fics soon... perhaps I might even introduce a form of the infamous Secret Santa, though we'd need a decent amount of interested parties! Let me know if you'd like something like that, or just an ordinary winter challenge.

The main purpose of this post is to let you know I've changed the system of selecting your password at registration. Instead, a randomly-generated password will be sent to the email address you registered with. You will NOT be able to login until you recieve this email, so be absolutely sure you provide us with a working email address! If for some reason you don't get the email or can't access the account you typed (e.g. you typed the wrong email address), be sure to use the Contact Us form for getting ahold of the admins to let them know.

Azurite on 12/07/2007 05:15 PM
New skin, plus possible new feature

There was a bit of weird downtime earlier today. Since it's Halloween, our holiday module kicked in and was looking for a skin that I hadn't uploaded yet. It's up now and is called AllHallow[s], made by Tammy of the forums. Check it out while it's here, because come midnight on November 1st, it will be gone with the ghosts...

I'll also be making skins for the upcoming holidays. Anyone interested in making/editing a skin, let me know! 

Also, I'm looking into installing the script PHPAskIt for our FAQ, so you can ask questions that aren't already displayed, rather than going the round-about way of using the Contact Us form and waiting for an Admin to add your question and answer to the FAQ. Also, if you're searching for an answer, your search will be a lot easier through the use of categories.

Now, I have yet to implement this, because I'm not 100% sure that it won't interfere with the eFiction script. However, if it doesn't, I would like some suggestions for categories. For example, you might have questions about site rules, another about submissions to the site. Maybe you have questions about the pairing (Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki), or about the admins/moderators, or about other sites on the Seventh-Star Network. Please suggest the categories you think you'd use in a comment to this entry!  

Azurite on 10/31/2007 03:44 AM
Tiny new profile feature

Hey all! I hope everyone's doing well. Today I've got another small profile modification and a new Top  Ten list.

* Country of Origin - like it says, now you can specify where you're from (or everywhere, or nowhere) as your "country of origin." After you select what country you're from in the drop-down menu on the Edit Bio page, your profile will display a PNG flag of that country beside the country's name in your profile! Neat!

* New Top 10s List - In an effort to bring attention to those fics that should be reviewed, I've created the 10 Least Reviewed Stories. Right now the list is sort of in beta, because some fics WITH reviews are showing up, and I'd like stories with NO reviews to also display. But for the time being, the list is working, so you can check it out by clicking on "Top Tens."  

Azurite on 10/24/2007 04:02 AM

Dragonfayth makes use of the system of ratings, which is the same system that FanFiction.Net uses. If you're unfamiliar with the system, I've put up a simple table that compares the ratings with the ones set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), which are the ratings used for movies in the United States. If you're unfamiliar with either set of ratings, you can look at the "What It Means" category to see what ages are generally allowed to read stories of that rating.

Ratings should be in your best judgment. As per the rules, stories with any warnings for language (crude language or swearing), violence/gore, or sexual content should NOT be rated K or K+. They must be rated AT LEAST T. It's always best to err on the side of caution; if you have a question about your story's rating, use the Contact Us form to contact an administrator, or find a friend to beta-read the story and let them tell you what rating they think it fits.

As of 10/15, the site appears to be down, so we don't have full explanations for the ratings available. If and when their site goes live again, we will include more thorough explantions of the ratings system on the Help/FAQ page. In the meantime, please continue to direct your questions to the admins using the Contact Us form!  

Azurite on 10/16/2007 12:24 AM
A few new features!

We've upgraded to the minor version of the eFiction script 3.3.1, which contains some security fixes.

Also, I've added two new features to the site: a Top 10 Skins list in the Top Tens page, and a Star Sign (Sun Sign/Astrology) for your bio. By default, all users are set to "undisclosed" until they set what star sign they are. You do NOT have to input your birthday-- just your star sign. If you don't know what sign you are, you can easily look it up on a site like


Azurite on 09/28/2007 03:26 AM
TOS Updated!

The Service Terms (Terms of Service) have been slightly revised. I know many people don't read TOS when they sign up or agree to anything, which can cause problems later on. I want every user of Dragonfayth to be well aware of our policies and rules.

The MOST important part of the TOS has been bolded for your convenience.

A new addition to the TOS is as follows (please read carefully): Starting today, 9/20/07, usernames containing character names, the title 'Yu-Gi-Oh' or derivatives thereof, or symbols such as ~*<^ will NOT be allowed. Accounts created prior to this date, even if fanfiction has not been posted are NOT subject to this rule.

Also, when you sign up for a username, you MUST provide a valid, working email address. Accounts that bounce, are full, or otherwise reject the automated Dragonfayth emails will be LOCKED AND THEN SUSPENDED if a valid email is not provided or responds to the Admin email within ONE MONTH of the initial signup.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this policy change, please feel free to contact me via the Contact Us form or by commenting on this post. 

Azurite on 09/20/2007 07:25 PM
[] buttons added!

In an effort to get Dragonfayth and its fics seen around the Web, I've added buttons to every story hosted here on Dragonfayth that will allow you (or anyone else reading the stories, whether a Dragonfayth user or not) to recommend the fic to readers using

The big difference between using the recommendation button and typing up a rec at FF and leaving a review here at Dragonfayth is that FF's recommendations are BY readers, FOR readers, while reviews here on Dragonfayth are BY readers, FOR the author(s). Thus, it's best to type recommendations that a) don't spoil the whole story, since people will not have read it (yet), and b) explain thoroughly why you enjoy (or dislike) the story in question.

The more recommendations a story receives, the higher rank it will have in FF's search engines. Until stories receive recommendations, their button on Dragonfayth will simply say "GO!" and "Rec It!" while those that have been recommended will have a button saying how many times they have been recommended (their rank on FF) and a link to continue recommending said story (to raise its rank).

In the future, I hope to start a new RSS feed for Dragonfayth that will work alongside, allowing FF to automatically see the new stories that are added to the archive once they are validated. This will not automatically recommend the stories, but it will automatically add their link to FF's engine, making them easier to find and add if they are recommended in the future.

I hope everyone enjoys this new feature and makes the most out of it! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, be sure to comment to this news item. 

Azurite on 07/24/2007 02:15 PM
Beta-reader & Story End modules live!

The Beta-reader and Story End modules are now live.

The Beta-reader module adds a new item to the drop-down menu on the Members page. Now you can see everyone that has specified that they are a beta-reader. In the future, we're hoping to have a more robust system that allows you to match up with a beta-reader who is available and willing to help you out with your fics. For now though, you can search who is a beta-reader and contact them by clicking on one of their many contact preferences in their profile.

The Story End module adds a "The End" or "The End... Maybe?" to the end of your story, the former if it is marked as Completed, and the latter if it is not. This appears in medium-sized bold text after your Chapter End notes.

I hope everyone enjoys these new modules and makes good use out of them! 

Azurite on 06/22/2007 06:16 PM
New, New, News!

Welcome to version 3.3 of the eFiction script, along with a whole bunch of new features! Let's start, shall we?

  1. Now we have a Recommendations module for off-site fanfics. Click on "Browse" and "Recomendations," and if a favorite fic of yours (that's Seto x Anzu, of course!) isn't hosted here on Dragonfayth, tell us about it! Give a summary, a link, and why you think it's worth reading. And help us find those authors who can help make Dragonfayth shine!
  2. We're listed at! Be sure to check out the link on the bottom of every page, and vote for Dragonfayth on the Links page!
  3. I'm working on adding some new skins, so hopefully you'll see them in the coming months. Comments, questions, and suggestions regarding existing skins are especially welcome!
  4. The Featured Author block is back! Want to see your name on the front page of Dragonfayth? Then start submitting your fics today!
  5.  Two new modules I'm also testing are the Beta-reader list and the story end modules. When I've got them working and up, I'll be sure to let you know, and point them out to you!
Azurite on 06/18/2007 03:29 AM
Account Errors

It's standard procedure for me to delete any accounts that are signed up by fake or bouncing emails. If you have been trying to create or login to an account and have not received any emails, it is because of that! At least one user has continually provided a non-existent email address for Dragonfayth, which keeps bouncing when the system tries to assign a password. Until that user contacts me directly through private email (and you should know who you are; I have no other way of contacting you besides this news article, so I hope you read this!), that account will be locked.


Azurite on 06/12/2007 10:16 PM
Standards of Quality

I've rolled out a short supplement to the Submission Rules already in place in the site; these are the Standards of Quality. Before you submit a fic to Dragonfayth, make sure your fic meets as many (if not all) of the listed standards-- there are only five, but they are very important!

I've noticed far too many submissions that look rushed, are filled with spelling and grammar errors, or are grossly OOC. Because Dragonfayth seeks to be a quality fanfiction archive, and I sincerely hope all Azureshipper fanfic authors seek to improve themselves, I will reject all fanfics submitted to the archive that I feel do not meet the standards. You can access the Standards of Quality by clicking on the 'Standards' link in your menu.

The moderator position for Submission Queue manager is still open, if anyone is interested. Questions and comments can be directed toward this current news item. 

Azurite on 04/17/2007 02:58 AM