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Fanlisting Fixes and Saying Goodbye to WikiFic

This update covers a lot of ground, including the Fanfiction Status page, the Network’s various fanlistings, and WikiFic: The Yu-Gi-Oh! Encyclopedia.

Fanfiction Status

I made two small updates to my Fanfiction Status page to reflect two new fics added to today (they had been previously published elsewhere). I’m hoping to improve this page by adding an easy-to-read table that indicates what sites the updates pertain to (e.g., FFnet versus Archive of Our Own, or here on the Seventh-Star Network). Stay tuned for that.


I update all the fanlistings across the Seventh-Star Network at least every two months. Sometimes these updates are just to the software that powers the fanlistings, sometimes they’re new layouts, and occasionally I’ll add new content, since the fanlistings are essentially “fan sites,” and I want fans to have a REASON to visit!

Completed Fixes

  • Her Destiny ReCAPTCHA for registration fixed; new layout

Upcoming Fixes

  • ReCAPTCHA fix for all the other fanlistings; new content and possibly some more new layouts…

WikiFic: Gone but not Forgotten

After much careful thought, I’m retiring WikiFic. If you aren’t familiar with it, WikiFic is the MediaWiki-powered website for Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction authors and readers, with information ranging from obscure deck lists to ‘ship lists. The problem is, MediaWiki is a cumbersome piece of software maintenance-wise, and the site didn’t attract many few editors. Much of the information on the site, while organized and easier to find than others (such as Tumblr, LiveJournal, etc.) is readily available on other sites, including Yugipedia (though the latter focuses more heavily on the TCG/OCG than fandom/meta). I tried to find a WordPress-powered solution, but the two content management systems are very different. Most “Wiki-esque” plugins for WordPress are either out-of-date or do not seem very reliable.

That being said, I hope to migrate the bulk of the content over to Darkness Rising, my Yu-Gi-Oh! fansite. If you created something for WikiFic and don’t wish it migrated over to DR, let me know by commenting on this post or filling out my Contact form.

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