2016 Updates

It’s true: I’m not terribly good with posting updates here as often as I should. I hope that’s something I can change in 2017, especially since I’ll be wrapping up my grad school program in Library and Information Science.

2016 Updates:

  • New fanfiction status page (also in the Fanfiction menu for quick access anytime)
  • Joined Patreon — if you like this site, its content (including writing), please consider supporting me there!
  • Continuing the migration of fanlistings from Enthusiast to WordPress (using UserPro)

We’re now on WordPress 4.7, and I’ve gotten rid of a lot of themes and plugins that were otherwise slowing the network down.

Hopefully 2017 Updates:

For the coming year, I hope to complete a few projects as well as embark upon a few others:

  • Complete the migration of all fanlistings on Azurelist to WordPress powered by UserPro
  • Continue to update Along the Way, the CleopatraWolf Azureshipping comic inspired by a fanfiction written by Flashchimp
  • Migrate WikiFic to a new platform – Currently powered by MediaWiki, but it’s a pain to update. Ideally, there would be some sort of WordPress-powered Wiki plugin, but I’ve yet to find a good option for this. Suggestions are welcomed!
  • Get Epiphany (my personal fanfiction archive) up and running, powered by eFiction 5
    • Update the Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki archive Dragonfayth to the latest eFiction software

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